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The Bitmovin Innovators Network “Better Together” Award Winners!

The dust has now settled from NAB, and I am still looking back in awe at the success of the Bitmovin Innovators Network and the community that we’ve built, together. A personal highlight for me was our exclusive semi-annual Bitmovin Innovators Network Partner Executive Networking Event which had over 100 attendees who joined to learn…

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Video Platforms, Video Streaming APIs, and SDKs Explained

Building video into products and services is tough. Businesses need robust streaming infrastructure to store, encode, manage, deliver, and analyze video content. Plus, most dev teams have expertise in their company’s core competency rather than back-end video technology. 

That’s where online video platforms (OVPs), video streaming application programming interfaces (APIs), and software development kits (SDKs) come into play.

In this guide we take a look at each solution in turn to help identify the right approach for you and your team.

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Supercharging Data Insights with AI for Video Analytics

Introduction At a recent internal hackathon, two of Bitmovin’s software engineers, Myriam Gantner and Thomas Sablattnig, explored whether AI could be used to process the large volume of data captured by Bitmovin Analytics into concise summaries and recommendations. The project was a success and is now being developed into a feature that is now available…

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From Workouts to Wellness: Navigating the 5 Main Challenges of Health and Fitness Video Streaming Workflows

Video streaming has emerged as a powerful tool in health and fitness, enabling platforms to engage with individuals looking to achieve their health and wellness goals wherever they are. Whether in the comfort of their homes, on the go, or gathered in groups at physical locations around the globe, video streaming unlocks a new world…

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Faith-Based Video Streaming: 4 Major Challenges (and Solutions) for Religious Organizations    

Religious and faith-based video streaming has gained significant popularity in recent years as a powerful way to connect and engage with a broad global audience. A considerable amount of adoption happened recently when the world was in lockdown and people still wanted to “attend” their house of worship prayers or engage with religious content. However,…

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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 3: Adding the Player and Video Analytics

Cloud-Based Workflows with AWS: Plugging in the Video Player and Video Analytics In the first two parts of this series on using Bitmovin’s Per-Title Encoding on AWS, we’ve focused on the architecture of the application and setting up encoding using Bitmovin Cloud Connect. But now that we have our encoded videos saved to Amazon S3, what’s…

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Video Analytics Alerts: Impactful business notifications for reactive individuals

Actionable insights for reactive users Across all walks of life and varieties of business, teams, or individuals, humans can be categorized into two types of people – proactive or reactive. I found that these categories are just as applicable for Analytics vendors through discussions with my product peers for Analytics-oriented tools. Much like their general…

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