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Test, deploy and optimize video playback to guarantee a flawless quality of experience functionality

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Bitmovin’s Player ensures you can deliver the highest quality of experience to a larger audience across the most extensive range of devices available today.

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Increase viewer engagement and retention through actionable data & fix playback issues before they impact your viewers and optimize for the best experience, always.

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Stream Lab

Stream Lab is the first automated testing solution that’s been created for video streaming using real devices to ensure quality Playback functionality

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Latest Bitmovin innovation: Player Web X

A new Player Web SDK reimagined for high performance and flexibility. Player Web X is ideal for use cases such as short form content where lightning fast page and video start up time matter most. The open-source plugin template allows you to build a unique viewing experiences on top of our most lightweight and performant player yet.

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Deliver Flawless Playback

Bitmovin’s Playback solution gives development teams the ability to enable video streaming on mobile, web, consoles and smart tv applications with integrations for automated testing & performance analytics that ensure you deliver the highest quality of experience to audiences.

Quality, Guaranteed

  • Test your streams on physical devices, using Stream Lab
  • Configure Player with optimal ABR settings, UI design, DRM, Ads, Captions and more to deliver a flawless viewer experience
  • Measure, debug and optimize video playback using Analytics
  • The fast feedback loop between testing, deploying and optimizing allows developers to elevate the experience they offer viewers and provides them with more time to work on new feature development
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Operational Efficiency

  • Bitmovin Playback is easy to use and gives developers the tools they need through a single dashboard portal
  • The embeddable video player is pre-tested and already optimized for all major devices
  • Analytics and Stream lab give developers clear and actionable insights into how playback is performing for viewers


The Player’s multi-device capability translates to an efficient development process for the ClassPass team.

“We wanted to create a unique experience that provides detailed information alongside a high-quality video experience. It was essential that we used the very best technology to allow us to do this across a variety of devices. Bitmovin’s Player gives us the flexibility and quality we need to continue to make ClassPass Live the best way to get fit.”
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Atul Ohri Head of Engineering, ClassPass Live
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