The Transition Path

Akamai + Bitmovin Seamless content delivery

Your smooth transition from Akamai’s Stream Packaging to Bitmovin’s all-in-one solution with advanced features.
Welcome to your first step of transitioning from Akamai’s Stream Packaging to Bitmovin’s Encoding & Packager Solution. Akamai and Bitmovin have partnered together to guide you through this seamless migration, specifically for the Media Services Live (MSL Version 3) Stream Packaging and the Media Services On Demand (MSOD) Stream Packaging. Both solutions will no longer be supported by Akamai after May 27, 2022.

The Bitmovin Encoder and Packager solution is validated and certified with Akamai's Video-on-Demand (VoD) and Live Streaming solutions. We offer an easy integration path so you can deliver reliable, scalable, high-quality video streaming experiences. Bitmovin services are also fully integrated with Akamai's Adaptive Media Delivery and NetStorage solutions to provide flexible support for streaming workflows so our customers can provide high-quality, secure viewing experiences everywhere.

Akamai’s and Bitmovin’s solution engineers have been hard at work to map out the right migration path for your workflow and business. Based on your current technical configuration we will evaluate your specific use case and determine the easiest transition. Take the next step and get in touch with us.

Bitmovin Encoding & Packager

Bitmovin’s Encoding and Packager is a market-leading solution setting you up for the
future. Bitmovin provides you an all-in-one encoding and packager solution which
can replace either MSOD or MSL3 and be integrated seamlessly with Akamai’s
Media Delivery solutions. The solution offers:

Reduce Costs

Operational optimization

• Per-Title Encoding enables optimization of profiles of each
   video based on its complexity to ensure optimal bit rates are
   used for each video
• Additional higher efficiency codecs VP9, HEVC, AV1, and
   multi-pass encoding modes mean better quality with lower
   bitrate equalling significant savings on delivery costs
• Simplified workflow with flexible software and API approach
• No SMIL file required for the packager

Operational optimization
Operational optimization
Operational optimization
Beat the Competition

Reduce time-to-market

• Fast content turnaround with “split-and-stitch” encoding
   approach that splits each video into chunks, and encodes
   segments simultaneously across multiple instances
• Any cloud approach - Bitmovin hosted cloud or bring your
   own cloud models based on major cloud providers such as
   GCP, Azure, and AWS
• Dynamic manifests creations for muxed assets means no
   re-encoding needed for additional manifest formats

Reduce time-to-market
Reduce time-to-market
Reduce time-to-market
Exceed Viewer Expectations

Redefine the viewer experience

• High-efficiency codecs to support broader device coverage
   while simultaneously supporting the highest quality of
   experience using 4K and 8K HDR
• Multi-audio, subtitles, and multi-DRM workflows
• Advanced delivery formats HLS, DASH including Chunked
   CMAF for low latency live workflows

Redefine the viewer experience
Redefine the viewer experience
Redefine the viewer experience
Case Study

Hulu Japan

Hulu in Japan allows its subscribers to access a
library of content that features over 50,000 titles. In
order to ensure that its subscribers were receiving
the best possible video quality at the lowest possible
bitrate, Hulu in Japan chose Bitmovin’s Per-Title,
3-Pass and Multi-Codec encoding technologies. By
switching to the Bitmovin encoder, Hulu was able to
reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their video
stack by 25%.

Hulu Japan
Hulu Japan
Hulu Japan
Additional Information

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