cloud connect - Bitmovin


Run Bitmovin Encoding on your own Infrastructure

Bitmovin dynamically scales worker nodes in your cloud environment on AWS, Azure or GCP. Reduce costs and use VOD encoding to satisfy your committed contracts.

cloud connect - Bitmovin

Benefits of running on your own cloud infrastructure

cloud connect - Bitmovin


Go from 1 encoding per day to 1000s of encodings with Bitmovin’s cloud native and cloud agnostic job scheduling. Join the world’s biggest M&E brands running Bitmovin on your own cloud infrastructure.

cloud connect - Bitmovin


Multi-cloud deployments have an inherent advantage for critical workflows. Free your team from operational responsibilities without the cost, risk or complexity that comes with managing and running your own datacenter.

cloud connect - Bitmovin


Accelerate your encodings by orders of magnitude and maximize efficiency with the latest server generations taking advantage of spot instances and horizontal scaling.

cloud connect - Bitmovin


How we do it

Cloud Connect pricing

Combined with buying via the respective cloud marketplace you can shift up to 75% of the service price to your EDP on AWS, Azure or GCP. The general pricing works the same as for Managed Cloud. The difference is in the more beneficial cost structure which is shown in the example below.

Pricing example

Assuming you are a medium-sized media company paying $100k for managed Encoding Services. With Bitmovin Cloud Connect + Marketplace you can reduce that cost to $75k. You can then shift $50k of that to your cloud bill. Only $25k remain as Bitmovin service costs.


Current costs for
Managed Encoding


Costs with Bitmovin
Cloud Connect +


Savings with Bitmovin
Cloud Connect +

Buying options:

cloud connect - Bitmovin
cloud connect - Bitmovin
cloud connect - Bitmovin

Technical Setup

Everything can be done via the Dashboard with supporting documentation for AWS, Azure and GCP available.

Tutorial explaining how to set up Bitmovin Encoding on AWS infrastructure

Tutorial explaining how to set up Bitmovin Encoding on Azure Cloud infrastructure

Tutorial explaining how to set up Bitmovin Encoding on Google Cloud infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Bitmovin to burn down my committed spend with a cloud provider?

Yes. By purchasing Bitmovin VOD Encoding through your preferred cloud provider’s marketplace and using Cloud Connect, your video encoding will utilize your own cloud resources and apply to any committed spending you have with that provider.

Can I use my cloud credits for encoding?

Yes. By purchasing Bitmovin VOD Encoding through the cloud marketplace of your choice and using Cloud Connect, you can utilize any existing cloud credits you have to cover or offset your encoding costs. 

Can I still use Bitmovin’s Per-Title and 3-pass encoding with Cloud Connect?

Yes. You can still take advantage of all of Bitmovin’s encoding enhancements and advanced codec support when using Cloud Connect. The only difference is that the encoding jobs run within your private cloud environment. 

Do you also provide a managed service?

Yes. If you don’t manage your own cloud deployments or prefer to run your encoding jobs on Bitmovin’s infrastructure, our managed service is still available. We can handle the complexity, scheduling and resource management for you, allowing you to focus on your own products and platform. 

Can I deploy on-premises?

No, not currently. Bitmovin VOD Encoding is a cloud-native solution that is highly optimized to leverage the scalability and power of the cloud with dynamic resource management and parallel computing.

How is my content secured?

With Cloud Connect, all of your content remains within your cloud account and all encoding jobs are performed there. Once Cloud Connect is configured, Bitmovin will only have limited access to run API calls for encoding tasks. This can be easily managed, edited or revoked at any time from your Bitmovin dashboard.

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