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Easel TV: Frame-by-Frame Perfection

The Overview:  

Easel TV offers end-to-end video streaming solutions, empowering companies to establish streaming services and connect with a global audience. With a focus on optimizing content quality through top-tier encoding and adherence to industry-standard streaming protocols, Easel TV sought a multifaceted solution. This solution aimed to support advanced features like VR, Dolby Atmos, and Per-Title encoding and also ensure swift processing of both live and on-demand content. Additionally, the solution they wanted needed to streamline live-to-VOD workflows and minimize storage and CDN expenses.

The main requests were:

  • Per-title encoding
  • Live encoding
  • Live-to-VOD processing
  • Support for industry-standard protocols, VR and Dolby Atmos
  • Pre-integrated with Multi-DRM suppliers
  • Improve the quality of video at lower bitrates

Key Bitmovin Benefits:

  • Reduced CDN and storage costs through Per-title encoding 
  • Improved content turnaround time by 93%
  • Reduced live latency by 94%
  • Enabled content to be available in the best bit-rate ladder
  • Access to out-of-the-box support for VR, Dolby Atmos, and multi-DRM
  • Facilitates Live-to-VOD workflows

Pain Points Bitmovin helped solve:

  • Live streaming latency
  • Implementation of new features
  • Migration from the previous supplier

How Bitmovin Delivered:

Quickest encoding turnaround times – from hours to minutes

Easel TV improved user experience and operational ease by implementing Btimovin’s VOD and Live encoding. With their robust solutions, Bitmovin reduced their encoding time by over 93% and enabled content to be available in the highest quality and with the quickest turnaround time.

Low latency streaming for live sports

Providing low latency live streaming capabilities, Easel TV has been able to cut latency for live streams by over 93%, enabling their client’s to keep their audiences engaged and deliver a better live streaming experience overall.

Extensive feature set enabling future growth

Through Bitmovin’s extensive feature set, Easel TV ensured their clients’ streaming services could scale quickly and facilitate any encoding needs in the future. With Bitmovin’s support for Per-Title Encoding, VR content, Dolby Atmos, and Live-to-VOD workflows, Easel TV enables customers to have their video libraries available in the best quality at the lowest bitrates reducing storage and CDN costs.

Streamlining integration with video workflow expertise and great SLAs

Bitmovin’s video experts provided extensive knowledge and guidance when integrating the VOD and Live Encoding solutions into Easel TV’s existing workflow and guaranteed a level of service through enterprise-level SLAs. This helped resolve any issues and made setting up and maintaining the services smooth and easy.

Who is Easel TV:

Easel TV stands as a trailblazing force in the realm of innovative streaming solutions tailored for the TV and media landscape. Armed with an extensive arsenal of cutting-edge tools and a robust Content Management System (CMS), Easel TV empowers enterprises to seamlessly conceive and launch top-tier streaming services that rival traditional TV quality. Embracing a ‘single-click’ ethos, the company’s unwavering commitment to automated workflows and user-friendly interfaces eradicates the technical barriers that once hindered entry into the global streaming market – spanning across major web, mobile, and TV platforms. As a relentless pioneer, Easel TV consistently pushes the limits of what’s achievable, ushering in a new era of industry transformation through its groundbreaking eAI-powered advancements.

“At Easel TV, we enable our clients to easily and quickly implement and launch end-to-end streaming services. With Bitmovin’s VOD and Live Encoder, we are able to make content available in the highest quality, available 93% faster and reduce latency by 94%, which is vital for live sport streams. With Bitmovin’s extensive feature set and a clear roadmap, we can offer our clients the latest functionality while setting them up for the future. Bitmovin has become an essential and seamless part of our video workflow.”

Bill Scott, COO & Co-founder of Easel TV


Value driver

  • Cost Reduction


  • Video Streaming Services

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