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Maximize your content’s potential and deliver an unparalleled viewer experience directly from the AWS Marketplace. Benefit from Bitmovin’s dedicated Amazon Interactive Video (IVS) integration for Video Analytics, effortless video workflows and superior video encoding for both live and on-demand content.

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Analytics - Bitmovin
Analytics - Bitmovin

Video Analytics

Track, monitor, and analyze over 200 data dimensions and filters to measure audience engagement, viewer quality of experience, and ad engagement in three dedicated dashboards. Includes a dedicated integration with Amazon IVS.

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VOD Encoding on Azure Marketplace

VOD Encoding

Deliver an exceptional quality of experience and exceed your audience’s expectations with our Next-Generation VOD Encoder. Includes multi-codec streaming (now with AV1), Per-Title and Per-Shot optimizations, along with 8K and multi-HDR support.

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Live Encoding on Azure Marketplace

Live Encoding

Built upon the award winning file-based Bitmovin VOD Encoder, the Live Encoder is a resilient live video streaming software platform that takes RTMP, SRT or Zixi inputs and outputs to HLS and DASH for delivery to digital streaming services.

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Analytics - Bitmovin

Audience metrics for viewer engagement & QoE monitoring

Gain a complete understanding of viewer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns through the Audience Metrics dashboard. Explore insights on audience retention, geographical distribution, and device utilization, enabling you to adapt your content and streaming strategies. By using the Quality of Experience (QoE) view. Monitor crucial performance metrics of your streaming infrastructure, including playback quality, buffering, rebuffering ratios, and video launch time – enabling teams to stay proactive in addressing issues.

Analytics - Bitmovin

Efficiency at scale and reduced costs

Benefit from Bitmovin’s ten years of deep streaming industry expertise and say goodbye to manual configuration and guesswork. Our best-of-breed on-demand and live video encoders identify and apply all the necessary parameters and optimizations to your content automatically. You’re not only saving valuable time but also reducing your cloud compute, storage and CDN distribution costs; this means your videos are available in the highest quality while efficiently managing streaming expenses.

Analytics - Bitmovin

Advertising Analytics for Ad Performance

Maximize the value of your ad inventory with the Advertising Analytics view. Monitor ad impressions, user engagement, completion rates, click-through rates, and more. Leverage these insights to optimize your ad strategy and drive higher revenue.

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