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Personalize your
Video Player Experience

Customize your video player to showcase your brand and give your viewers a consistent
and unique experience on your platform.

- Bitmovin

Add a logo or watermark
to your video

Make your logo or watermark always visible when viewers are watching your content by adding one to your Player settings.

All you need to do is simply upload the image you want to use for that specific stream, you can even give it an optional URL to redirect to when clicked, and you’re done.

- Bitmovin

Add a poster for your Stream

Want to showcase a poster of the content to engage the user further before they press play? By adding a poster, users will be able to see what your content entails and, once clicked on, start playing the video.

All you need to do is simply upload the poster image you want to use for that specific stream and you’re done.

- Bitmovin

Apply your brand colors
to your Player

Style the Bitmovin Player with your brand colors, providing a consistent viewing experience on your platform for your users.

To customize your video player, simply navigate to the “Styling and Stream Settings” tab of your streams details page. From there, you can choose from various color options that match your branding.

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