- Bitmovin

2022 – 2023

The 6th Annual Bitmovin
Video Developer Report

This is our 6th year of running our Bitmovin Video Developer Report.  The number of responses, the differing job titles and the regional participants have provided us with a strong representation of the market and reflect the overall growth of this industry and the consumer demand for world-class video experiences.  

The survey was conducted between June and September 2022.  The overall sample size for this report is 424, with responses from video developers and industry experts from over 80 countries.  Participation by region was led by EMEA with 43% of our participants, followed by North America at 34%, the Asia Pacific region at 14% and Latin America with 8% of total responses.  

As a number of the questions are multiple-choice, you will notice that a number of these multiple-choice/answer questions have an aggregate that will not add up to 100%.  Like last year, we have used a ranking option for a number of the questions and have adapted some of the questions to align with the recent advancements in technology development.  Please keep in mind that the survey was open for everyone to participate, but the results may be somewhat skewed toward the Bitmovin customer base.  

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