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Maximize your content’s potential and deliver an unparalleled viewer experience directly from the Azure Marketplace. By leveraging Bitmovin’s partnership with Microsoft Azure, you’re joining the countless businesses benefitting from cost-effective video streaming solutions, effortless video workflows and superior video encoding for both live and on-demand content.

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azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
Streams on Azure Marketplace


Our end-to-end streaming solution, deliver the highest quality live and on-demand video streaming experience to audiences globally across any device. Get started on Azure in minutes by uploading and hosting your video or connecting a live stream.

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VOD Encoding on Azure Marketplace

VOD Encoding

Deliver an exceptional quality of experience and exceed your audience’s expectations with our Next-Generation VOD Encoder. Includes multi-codec streaming (now with AV1), Per-Title and Per-Shot optimizations, along with 8K and multi-HDR support.

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Live Encoding on Azure Marketplace

Live Encoding

Built upon the award winning file-based Bitmovin VOD Encoder, the Live Encoder is a resilient live video streaming software platform that takes RTMP, SRT or Zixi inputs and outputs to HLS and DASH for delivery to digital streaming services.

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azure marketplace - Bitmovin

End-to-end video streaming

Get up and running in minutes direct from your Azure Console with Streams;  the end-to-end video on-demand and live event streaming solution from Bitmovin. Using Streams, you can effortlessly upload, ingest, and host your content in Azure, and leave the rest to us. Once your content is in our platform, the cutting-edge Bitmovin Encoder takes over, automatically compressing your video for playback across the broadest range of devices, providing you with multiple embedding options for every app experience.

azure marketplace - Bitmovin

Industry leading technology

Ensure an ideal viewer experience every time with our industry-leading encoding technology. Whether your viewers are in low connectivity environments or using the latest high performance devices, our intelligently optimized adaptive bitrate renditions (ABR) guarantee seamless viewing across the broadest range of mobile, web, smart and connected TV devices on the market.

azure marketplace - Bitmovin

Efficiency at scale and reduced costs

Benefit from Bitmovin’s ten years of deep streaming industry expertise and say goodbye to manual configuration and guesswork. Our best-of-breed on-demand and live video encoders identify and apply all the necessary parameters and optimizations to your content automatically. You’re not only saving valuable time but also reducing your cloud compute, storage and CDN distribution costs; this means your videos are available in the highest quality while efficiently managing streaming expenses.

Azure Media Services migration guide

With no waiting lists or lengthy forms to complete you can start the process today with just a few clicks.

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  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin
  • azure marketplace - Bitmovin

Frequently asked questions

Our team of video experts are on hand to guide you through the process as you move from AMS to Streams; but as a starting point, we’ve put together this list of common questions about the retirement of Azure Media Services.

Which Azure Media Services are being retired?

Microsoft is retiring Azure Dynamic Packaging, Content Protection, VOD Encoding, Live Streaming, and Media Player.

Why is Azure Media Services being retired?

Microsoft has chosen to retire these services as part of their focus on secular growth and long-term competitiveness plans. They are also prioritizing media services solutions from the Microsoft partner ecosystem to improve access to the highest-quality services.

What does this mean for my current services in Azure?

The retirement of these services means that they will no longer be actively supported or maintained by Microsoft. It is recommended for users to explore alternative solutions or migrate to other services such as Bitmovin to support their future streaming and encoding needs. It’s fairly straightforward to transition away from AMS to a SaaS solution such as Streams; and we’re here to guide you through the process alongside our ISV partners Eyevinn and Southworks.

How long do I have to change over services?

You will have until 30 June 2024 to switch over your on-demand encoding, live streaming, on-demand streaming and content protection workflows.

Where can I find more information about the retirement of AMS services?

Microsoft has prepared a retirement guide to support you in your transition from their services which you can access here:

What is Bitmovin Streams on Azure Marketplace?

Bitmovin on Azure Marketplace is an exciting collaboration between Bitmovin and Microsoft Azure that brings you a powerful video streaming solution. Whether you need to deliver live or on-demand content, this partnership offers cost-effective streaming, seamless workflows, and top-notch video encoding capabilities.

What are the benefits of using Bitmovin Streams on Azure?

When you choose Bitmovin on Azure, you unlock a world of benefits. Our industry-leading technology, including Per-Title encoding, ensures that your viewers enjoy a seamless experience across various devices. By automating the encoding process, we save you time and reduce costs, making your videos look great while managing your streaming expenses efficiently.

How can I start using Bitmovin Streams on Azure?

Starting your journey with Bitmovin on Azure is easy! Simply head to the Azure Marketplace and begin your trial. You’ll have access to Bitmovin’s Dashboard, an end-to-end video on-demand and live streaming solution. With Bitmovin, you can effortlessly upload, encode, and host your content on Azure while taking advantage of Bitmovin’s advanced video encoding features.

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