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The State of AV1 Playback Support: 2022

In this post, I’ll be taking a look at the current state of AV1 playback support, covering which browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs, consoles and streaming sticks are compatible with the AV1 codec right now.  I’ll also touch on some of the incredible bandwidth savings companies like Netflix are seeing with AV1 and detail the…

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OBS & Bitmovin: Creating a Rockstar Streaming Experience

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Low Latency vs. Target Latency: Why there isn’t always a need for speed

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2022 End of Year Wrap Up with Stefan Lederer

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video cms - vimond

Bitmovin Partners with Vimond for Advanced Encoding Workflows and State of the Art Content Management

smart chunking

Bitmovin’s Smart Chunking: the evolution of the split and stitch algorithm

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Introducing Bitmovin’s Streams

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Developing a Video Player with Structured Concurrency

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Why Structured Concurrency Matters for Developers

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Creating a Live Streaming Setup with Android Devices and Bitmovin

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The GAIA Research Project: Creating a Climate-Friendly Video Streaming Platform

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Bitmovin Video Encoding is now available in AWS Marketplace!

bitmovin inc 5000

Bitmovin makes Inc. 5000 list – again!

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