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High-end Adaptive Video Streaming

Bitmovin improves video quality on the web with three state of the art products. The Bitmovin Cloud Encoder: This cloud service encodes normal video files into adaptive MPEG-DASH and HLS files on a scalable platform. The Bitmovin Video Player: This easy to install Video Player runs native in HTML5 and streams video with fast start up and no buffering. The Bitmovin Analytics: Realtime analytics with a powerful, flexible API. See the data you need to see, and present it the way your team needs it.

Google Widevine (L3) Cracked – What to expect?

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The New Year started with yet another reminder that security should not be taken for […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bitmovin’s Android SDK on Android TV Platforms

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I’m Michael Riha, a Solutions Architect with Bitmovin. I wrote this guide to make it […]

Advocating for More Unlicensed Spectrum Allocations

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Television and Fixed Electromagnetic Spectrum Since the early days of Philo Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin, […]

An in-depth look at the Bitmovin Per-Title Bitrate Ladder Benchmark Tool

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The Per-Title Ladder Bitrate Benchmark Tool is a great way to test the benefits of […]

Video Streaming Fitness Classes – Couch Potatoes Need Not Apply

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Immersive virtual fitness experience and the API-based customizable multi-device Bitmovin Player at ClassPass When a […]

VVC: The Next-Next Generation Codec

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So it’s happening. After their previous work on h.264/AVC and h.265/HEVC, the ITU-T Video Coding […]

App Development with the Roku SDK from Bitmovin

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Roku is a leading platform for video delivery, but Roku development can be a challenge […]

HTML5 Player Vs Native Player in App Development

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In his recent presentation at the Demuxed conference for video engineers, Bitmovin solution architect, James […]

MPEG 124 Meeting Report

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The 124th MPEG meeting concluded on October 12, 2018 in Macao S.A.R., China. Discussions and […]

Bitmovin Analytics Grafana Plugin

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I imagine when Apollo 13 called Earth with their famous message: “Houston we have a […]

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