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Martin Smole

Martin is responsible for Bitmovin Encoding product strategy, roadmap and development. His team works to enable complex video encoding workflows for global premium media and technology companies like Red Bull Media House or the New York Times. As one of the first employees, Martin led the development of Bitmovin encoding infrastructure, building the world's first commercial massively scalable encoding service, capable of achieving 100x speeds over realtime. Currently, Martin oversees further development of the Bitmovin Encoding solution, including integration of new technologies, like AV1.

's Posts:

Bitmovin Video Encoder V2 introduces Per-Title, AV1 support, 2 Pass & 3 Pass Encoding

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Bitmovin Encoding v2.0 is a major release which adds some powerful new features including: Per-Title, AV1 support, 3-Pass encoding and more – Test it today!

A.I. Encoding Uses Machine Learning to Speed Up Processing and Improve Quality

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A.I. Encoding workflow running on a containerized “chunk-based” infrastructure with ML-based machine learning model delivers […]

WWDC17 – HEVC with HLS – Apple just announced a feature that we support out of the box

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This year Apple announced at their WWDC conference support for HEVC/H.265 with HLS for macOS […]

Bitmovin Supports AV1 Encoding for VoD and Live and Joins the Alliance for Open Media

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AV1 is a next generation video codec and Bitmovin is proud to deliver the world’s […]

VP9 Codec: MPEG-DASH VP9 for VoD and Live

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VP9 is the next level in video compression and can help you to save up […]

Implement Live-to-VoD with the Bitmovin API

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Get your VoD assets online immediately after the live event with Bitmovin Live-to-VoD. Decrease your […]

Offline Playback with DRM – Requested Features from the Netflix User Base

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The following tutorial will show you how to set up offline playback using Bitmovin and […]

Integrate Axinom Multi-DRM with Bitmovin

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The following tutorial will show you how to use Axinom DRM together with the Bitmovin […]

API Update – Closed Captioning, Video with Multiple Audio Tracks and More

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Closed Captioning Closed captioning is the process of adding text to to video files allowing the user […]

HLS Encryption through Bitmovins Cloud Video Encoding Service

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HLS Encryption Bitmovin supports HLS encryption with AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES now. Bitmovin already supports DRM for MPEG-DASH […]