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Martin is responsible for Bitmovin Encoding product strategy, roadmap and development. His team works to enable complex video encoding workflows for global premium media and technology companies like Red Bull Media House or the New York Times. As one of the first employees, Martin led the development of Bitmovin encoding infrastructure, building the world's first commercial massively scalable encoding service, capable of achieving 100x speeds over realtime. Currently, Martin oversees further development of the Bitmovin Encoding solution, including integration of new technologies, like AV1.

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Bitmovin Improves Support AV1 Video Encoding for VoD

**Updated in March 2022** Since 2017, Bitmovin has actively worked in video and streaming standardization and has consistently driven standards from inception to implementation. Our founders co-created the MPEG-DASH streaming standard used by Netflix, YouTube, and many others, which is responsible for over 50% of peak U.S. internet traffic. Given our encoding, virtualization, and codec…

AI 3-Pass Encoding is a new level for video quality
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A.I. Encoding Uses Machine Learning to Speed Up Processing and Improve Quality

A.I. Encoding workflow running on a containerized “chunk-based” infrastructure with ML-based machine learning model delivers industries highest quality video encoder. At Bitmovin, we have been known to push the boundaries for exceptional quality in delivering video content. From our efforts as an early mover in the implementation and development of AV1 to our cloud-native solution…

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WWDC17 – HEVC with HLS – Apple just announced a feature that we support out of the box

  This year Apple announced at their WWDC conference support for HEVC/H.265 with HLS for macOS High Sierra and iOS11 Every year at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) they present updates and new features that will be available to their products soon. This year Apple announced support for HEVC/H.265 for macOS High Sierra and…

Encoding speed test results
Video Encoding

Video Encoder: Why You Need a High Speed Encoder for your Video

Having the fastest cloud encoder on the market is a great USP for us, but how does increasing your video encoding speed benefit your business? Here are three great reasons for you to care about the speed of your encoder. Last month we ran some fairly comprehensive tests comparing our cloud encoding service against the competition. The results were…

closed captioning and more in the latest API release
Video Encoding

API Update – Closed Captioning, Video with Multiple Audio Tracks and More

Closed Captioning Closed captioning is the process of adding text to to video files allowing the user to read along with the audio. This is usually employed to assist hearing impaired viewers, but also has other applications. Closed captioning is an important part of delivering online video and Bitmovin’s API is fully capable of managing your CC needs. Contact us for…

HLS Encryption
Video Encoding

HLS Encryption through Bitmovins Cloud Video Encoding Service

HLS Encryption Bitmovin supports HLS encryption with AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES now. Bitmovin already supports DRM for MPEG-DASH with Widevine Modular and Microsoft PlayReady. The next logical step was to support encryption for HLS with AES-128 and SAMPLE-AES as well. How to Encrypt your HLS Content The easiest way to encrypt your HLS content using AES-128 or SAMPLE-AES…

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Video Encoding

PlayReady DRM Now Compatible with Bitmovin

PlayReady MPEG-DASH Bitmovin now supports PlayReady DRM with MPEG Common Encryption (MPEG-CENC) for MPEG-DASH streams. A few days ago we added Widevine Modular and now the next logical step was a PlayReady MPEG-DASH solution. It is also possible to combine Widevine Modular and PlayReady to encrypt your content once and be able to use it with both DRM…

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