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Build and launch better cross-platform viewer experiences using our Flutter Player SDK! Stream across iOS and Android – all in one go.

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How our Flutter Player compares

Bitmovin’s PlayerAVPlayer / ExoPlayer
(Native players)
flutter - BitmovinSingle, developer-friendly API to target both iOS and Android platformsflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin
flutter - BitmovinA rich set of features including DRM and Subtitlesflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin
flutter - BitmovinOpen Source approach for full integration flexibilityflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin
flutter - BitmovinOut-of-the-box integration with Bitmovin’s Analytics for powerful insightsflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin
flutter - BitmovinDeploy essential use cases quickly and with minimal codeflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin
flutter - BitmovinExtensive event system for all Player and Playback state changesflutter - Bitmovinflutter - Bitmovin

On average, customers using our Flutter Player SDK save over 300 hours of development time per year on native player maintenance alone

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flutter - Bitmovin

Fast and easy integration

Developer resources to get started quickly, APIs & documentation to integrate easily.

flutter - Bitmovin Flutter Repository flutter - Bitmovin flutter - Bitmovin Flutter Player Docs flutter - Bitmovin flutter - Bitmovin Developer Community flutter - Bitmovin
final _player = Player(
 config: const PlayerConfig(key: '...'),

void initState() {
  _player.loadSourceConfig(const SourceConfig(
    url: 'https://bitmovin-a.akamaihd.net/content/MI201109210084_1/m3u8s/f08e80da-bf1d-4e3d-8899-f0f6155f6efa.m3u8',
    type: SourceType.hls,

Made to fit your infrastructure

Launch faster with pre-built API integrations to trusted industry partners for DRM, Ads (SSAI & CSAI), Analytics and CDN.

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  • flutter - Bitmovin
  • flutter - Bitmovin
  • flutter - Bitmovin

Trusted by startups to the world’s biggest media companies



“Bitmovin’s Player gives us the flexibility and quality we need to continue to make ClassPass Live the best way to get fit.”

flutter - Bitmovin
Atul Ohri Head of Engineering, ClassPass Live



“Bitmovin is a true technology partner with their ongoing advice and technical support, ensuring we’re delivering the best possible streaming experiences to our customers.”

flutter - Bitmovin
William Sharp VP of Technology, Intigral

On average, customers that deploy Bitmovin’s Player on 2 or more SDKs reach an additional 200,000 viewers per month

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