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Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. These services are trusted by the largest enterprises and the hottest start-ups to power a wide variety of workloads including: web and mobile applications, data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others.



Google Cloud Platform lets developers build and host applications and websites, store data and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure. Cloud Platform offers computing, storage and application services for web, mobile and backend solutions. Customers include Snapchat, Khan Academy, Best Buy, bitmovin and Evite.



Microsoft Österreich GmbH is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation/Redmond, USA, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard software, services and solutions. Since 1991, Microsoft has been represented by its own branch in Vienna, and since 2006 the company has also had an R&D branch in Graz with Vexcel Imaging. At both locations, Microsoft has a total of around 340 employees. The goal, together with more than 5,500 domestic partner companies, is to enable people and companies to achieve their full potential through software and devices.



Irdeto is a world leader in Multiscreen, Revenue Assurance and Media Protection solutions for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners. Irdeto enables pay media companies to provide a personal media experience for their consumers, uncover new revenue opportunities and offer new forms of entertainment on broadcast, broadband and mobile networks. The company offers an advanced portfolio of rights management, multi-screen, home networking, piracy control, media protection and business intelligence services. Irdeto’s success in the market is evidenced by its broadcast software security solutions being the most widely deployed in the world for pay TV on satellite, cable, terrestrial and IP networks and by helping customers preserve business value and generate new revenue with its Multiscreen services. Irdeto is a subsidiary of multinational media group Naspers (JSE: NPN).



BuyDRM™ is a leading provider of Digital Rights Management and Content Security Services for the media, entertainment, enterprise and transportation industries with customers spanning the globe. With over 15 years of market-leading experience implementing commercial DRM solutions and media technologies, BuyDRM has amassed substantial success stories for many of today’s largest brands including BBC, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment Television Networks, Showtime, CatchPlay, Sony Crackle, Warner Brothers, HBO GO Latin America, HBO Connect and Microsoft.


Wowza® Media Systems powers video and audio with customizable software and cloud services for organizations to build, deploy, and manage professional-quality live and on-demand streaming solutions.



Unified Streaming is a leading provider of cross-platform video streaming technologies. Dedicated to help companies to create and execute smart video streaming technologies. Our products are in operation around the world with customers ranging from broadcast networks and online content distributors to small companies and webcasters.
The ease of use and reliability of our solutions allow customers to shorten their time-to-market. Our solutions fit into existing frameworks (Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx) thus allowing for greater return on existing investment and reducing delivery cost significantly. Streaming from one encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices boosts time to market and reaches the broadest audience possible.




Zixi provides a comprehensive software platform enabling broadcast-quality video delivery over the internet for broadcasters, OTT video providers and media service providers. The Zixi platform makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage and distribute live linear channels and live events with broadcast QoS, securely and at scale. Zixi provides enhanced management with ZEN Master, a cloud-based portal to configure, orchestrate, and monitor Zixi-enabled encoders, decoders, on-premise and cloud servers, channel and event deliveries. Zixi works with leading solution and service provider partners and serves most of the world’s top media brands with thousands of channels.



Conax is a leading global specialist in total service protection for digital TV services over broadcast, broadband and connected devices. Through the future-proof Conax Contego™ security hub, Conax provides telcos, cable, satellite, IP, mobile and terrestrial operators with the innovative, flexible and cost-efficient solutions to deliver premium content securely and positioning to capture new market segments. Bundling 25 years of pioneering experience, its benchmark policy for security-evaluated client devices and strategic partner network, Conax technology enables secure content revenues for operators representing 140 million pay-TV consumers in 85 countries globally.


Axinom is a leading digital solutions provider serving the world’s major brands in the media and entertainment industry. Axinom’s OTT portfolio features content management (CMS), digital rights management (DRM) and pre-built reference applications (Apps) for on-demand, live event and live linear content.
Together with bitmovin, Axinom provides customers with an out-of-the-box solution for the entire workflow, from video acquisition right down to delivery to various devices (HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox, STB, SmartTV). Axinom builds the next generation of OTT video, ensuring impressive results and short time to market.



Streamroot offers a state-of-the-art peer-accelerated streaming solution to cut bandwidth costs, improve quality of experience and better manage traffic spikes. By decentralizing exchanges and providing content via multiple sources, Streamroot optimizes broadcasters’ video delivery infrastructure and helps them overcome the challenge of delivering quality video at scale. Streamroot is plugin-free for viewers and integrates seamlessly into broadcasters’ workflows. It is available for both live streams and video on-demand, and is compatible with a variety of media servers, video players and HTTP streaming formats.


Express play a Bitmovin Partner


ExpressPlay is a cloud-based Mulit-DRM service for content protection across most consumer-used devices. In a few easy integration steps you can enable your online media service with robust rights management without the need for any new infrastructure or setup cost.

Key Features include: UHD: Offers enhanced hardware security that meets Hollywood standards for premium UHD/4K and early-window content. Multi-DRM: Single API access for multi-DRM support. Watermarking: End-to-end content protection enhanced with ExpressPlay’s session-based video watermarking



Scality, world leader in object and cloud storage, develops cost-effective Software-Defined Storage: the RING, which serves over 500 million end users worldwide, and the open-source
S3 Server. Scality RING software deploys on any industry-standard x86 server, uniquely delivering performance, 100% availability and data durability.
Supporting over 45 certified applications, Scality excels at delivering complete solutions for Global 2000 Enterprise, Media and Entertainment, and Cloud Providers while delivering up to 90% TCO reduction versus legacy storage.



EZDRM is a leading Digital Rights Management provider, pioneering the industry since 2001. We offer a complete studio-approved multi-DRM solution, which enables content owners and service operators to deliver an efficient, cost-effective and superior method of content protection and control. Utilizing EZDRM’s Universal DRM, a combination of Google’s Modular Widevine and Microsoft’s PlayReady via Common Encryption (CENC) over DASH, along with EZDRM’s Apple FairPlay Streaming, fulfills all your DRM requirements. Dynamic, on-demand DRM business rules allow content owners to expand their viewership and create new revenue streams from their digital assets.



Yospace is the world’s leading provider of online broadcast stream manipulation and management technology for live and video on demand (VOD) streams. Its dynamic ad insertion (DAI) technology provides a link between broadcast playout systems and ad platforms, enabling server-side, frame-accurate ad insertion/replacement. The solution supports full one-to-one personalisation and provides a true broadcast-quality user experience.