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Player Web X

Stream live and on-demand video across every web-based device with our most lightweight and performant player and growing plugin marketplace.

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  • player web x - Bitmovin
  • player web x - Bitmovin
player web x - Bitmovin

Unmatched playback
performance with
30% Faster Startup time

Compared to HLS.js with a similar small bundle size.

Key Benefits of Player Web X

player web x - Bitmovin
player web x - Bitmovin
player web x - Bitmovin

Get 10,000 free player impressions each month

Built to Adapt to Every Use Case

The flexibility of an open-source web player paired with the unrivaled performance and stability.

player web x - Bitmovin

Short-form content

With Player Web X’s minimal bundle size and seamless source switching, give your users the ability to continuously scroll by keeping content at their finger tips and experience engaging and creative content. Ideal for social platforms and cutting-edge in-app experiences, our solution ensures a dynamic and immersive user journey.

player web x - Bitmovin

Fast start up & small foot print

Built to get viewers streaming and engaged quickly, Player Web X’s lightweight framework enables streaming platforms to minimize page load, video start up, seeking and source switching time, empowering a seamless viewing experience every time they press play.

player web x - Bitmovin

Customizable user experience

Utilize our open-source player UI or create your own with Player Web X’s event and state systems. customize and implement plugins to adapt your player to your streaming needs.

player web x - Bitmovin

Fast and easy integration

Developer resources to get started quickly, APIs & documentation to integrate easily.

player web x - Bitmovin NPM Repository player web x - Bitmovin player web x - Bitmovin Player Module Templates player web x - Bitmovin player web x - Bitmovin Developer Community player web x - Bitmovin
const conf = {
 key: '50a3d56c-84e8-410b-9c0b-ba7cf051b8c8'
const source = {
    hls: '',

const player = new bitmovin.player.Player(document.getElementById('bitmovin-player'), conf);


Simple and adaptable feature set

Customizable Plugin System


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