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Bitmovin Video Encoding

Massively distributed video encoding that runs anywhere

We believe that video encoding should be decoupled from the underlying hardware to enable agile media teams to deploy anywhere based on their needs. We developed Bitmovin Video Encoding to be the most flexible encoding in the market that does not lock you into a specific hardware or cloud.

The Advantages of a Flexible Encoding Stack

We know exactly how hard it can be to manage an inflexible hardware stack at scale in an ever changing market. That is why we built a flexible encoding stack with performance in mind.

Horizontal scalability multiplies performance

Take a video, split it into chunks, and encode chunks simultaneously across as many different instances as you like. Containerized encoding gives you the power and control to scale up and down on the fly, as your workflow requires.

Per-Title Encoding

By automatically encoding video at bitrates appropriate to the video content, VoD service providers can achieve significant bandwidth savings as well as quality improvements.

Join the ranks of leading, global SVOD providers by leveraging this technology, available widely now from Bitmovin, and a standard feature available in the Bitmovin Encoding product.

Reduce Video Streaming Costs

Encode with state of the art codecs, like HEVC, VP9 and AV1 to reduce file sizes by up to 50% compared to optimized H.264. Multi-codec streaming allows you to stream at halve the costs while maintaining the same perceptual quality for your users.

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Simplify Workflows, Integration and Support

We know how painful it can be to integrate an inflexible encoding API or fiddle around with ffmpeg on the command line. The Bitmovin API was designed to make your integrations easy, giving you all the development tools you need.

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Get Content Online Faster

Bitmovin’s containerized encoding architecture makes it the fastest on the market (up to 100x realtime). For broadcasters and news agencies videos can be made public within seconds, giving you the first to air advantage and the lion’s share of the ad revenue.

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Reach Every Device and Every Browser

By encoding into adaptive streaming formats - MPEG-DASH and HLS - you can ensure that your videos will play on every browser and in every device, in standard, as well as 360° and VR formats.

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Live Streaming With No Limits

Ever been in the situation where you had to sacrifice quality because of architecture restrictions when configuring your live stream?

Bitmovin's containerized encoding allows a single live stream to be scaled across multiple instances to deliver highest quality.

  • Live-to-VoD for instant playback and highlights
  • Live HEVC, VP9, AV1, DRM, 60FPS, 4K
  • In the cloud or on-premise
Delivering Video all over the World

A powerful API built for developers

API clients for all the major languages, comprehensive documentation with tutorials and examples so you can easily kick off your first encoding in just a few minutes.

The Bitmovin API Allows Your Application to Access Bitmovin Advanced Encoding Capabilities

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