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Redefining the Viewing Experience in 4K quality

Customer Benefit

Globo handles a massive VOD library of over a million titles, and with 12 variants in their HEVC bitrate stack — encoding demands are high. Bitmovin’s VOD Encoder deployed on the Google Cloud gave Globo the capability to encode a 90-minute video asset in 14 minutes across the entire HEVC ladder. This is a real-time factor of 6.4 times, which resulted in a quantifiable impact on time to market. Globo saw the business need for fast turnaround time in encodes and chose Bitmovin as the clear front-runner in this regard. 

Who Is Globo

When it comes to large content libraries and audience reach, Globo is at par with Hollywood and the big US broadcasters. Its studios produce 3,000 hours of entertainment content annually, compared to around 600 movies created in the US every year.

The viewership numbers are equally impressive. Forty-nine million Brazilians watch the daily, one-hour newscast. By comparison, 33 million viewers tuned in for the Oscars telecast in the U.S. The digital hub of Globo is in no way inferior. It attracts eight in ten Brazilians with internet access. They can consume content from a vast library of news, sports, and entertainment videos to live events such as the Olympics, Carnival, and the Soccer World Cup. Beyond digital content distribution, Globo’s Digital Hub serves as a strategic technology provider and technical support for Globo’s businesses. 

Globo Standard of Quality

This ties right back into the overarching “Globo Standard of Quality” that the company is known for. The optimal viewing experience consists of award-winning content, delivered in stunning visual quality. To deliver on that standard, Globo was one of the first mainstream broadcasters outside of the US to offer content in 4K, adopting it as a new standard across its platforms and devices. It has already produced more than two hundred hours of 4K content (including HDR) with over a thousand hours of encoding output with its soap operas and original series.

Customer Testimonial

We are not willing to compromise the visual integrity of our content and we hold ourselves to strict perception-quality standards. Bitmovin’s renowned 3-Pass encoding exceeded our expectations and is ensuring that high perceptual quality can still be delivered while streaming at optimal bandwidth levels.

Lucas Stephanou Video Platform Product Owner, Globo


Value driver

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