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Deliver the highest quality experience to a wider audience across the most extensive range of devices with the Bitmovin Player. Our video player guarantees playback quality on any screen through our modular architecture including low-latency, configurable ABR and Stream Lab – the worlds first stream QoE testing service.

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Our video player in action

Test your stream on Mobile by downloading our demo apps for Android and iOS

video player - Bitmovin
video player - Bitmovin
video player - Bitmovin

Guarantee stream quality with dedicated SDKs for every device

Ensure playback quality and deliver a seamless viewing experience across any device through Bitmovin’s market-leading Player, empowering development teams to deploy & stream with ease.

video player - Bitmovin

Fast and easy integration

Developer resources to get started quickly, APIs and documentation to integrate easily.

<script type="text/javascript" src="[email protected]/bitmovinplayer.js"></script>
<div class="player-wrapper">
   <div id="player"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
   var conf = {
      key: '<your_player_key_from_bitmovin-dashboard>'

   var source = {     
      title: 'Art of Motion',     
      dash: ''   

   var player = new bitmovin.player.Player(document.getElementById('player'), conf);

built for

Adaptive Streaming (ABR)

Adapt your ABR to fit your specific needs


Monetize your content with client-side and server-side ads


Play DRM protected stream, we support: Widevine, PlayReady FairPlay and more

Subtitle and Captions

Show embedded or side-loaded captions

Offline Playback

Download, play and manage content for offline viewing

Playlist API

Create playlists for gapless transitions between streams

Universal UI

Customize the player UI to your brand & design. The universal UI can be used on web, TV & mobile devices

Low Latency

Stream closer to realtime with low latency DASH & HLS playback

Stream Lab

Test your streams on physical devices including Smart TVs


Pre-integrated with Bitmovin Analytics for actionable insights

Network API

Modify your network requests in real time by manipulating the manifest or segments in you stream and optimize playback

video player - Bitmovin

The right partners for every workflow

The Bitmovin Player is integrated with trusted industry partners, providing seamless integrations for Digital Rights Management (DRM) to Server-Side & Client-Side Ad Insertions and CDNs.

With this collaborative approach, Bitmovin empowers development teams to get to market faster, helping keep their content secure, maximizing ROI and streaming worldwide.

Case studies


Reducing deployment time and ensuring the highestquality of experience through premium features

“Bitmovin is a true technology partner with their ongoing advice and technical support, ensuring we’re delivering the best possible streaming experiences to our customers.”
video player - Bitmovin
William Sharp VP of Technology, Intigral
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video player - Bitmovin

Case studies


The Player’s multi-device capability translates to an efficient development process for the ClassPass team.

“We wanted to create a unique experience that provides detailed information alongside a high-quality video experience. It was essential that we used the very best technology to allow us to do this across a variety of devices. Bitmovin’s Player gives us the flexibility and quality we need to continue to make ClassPass Live the best way to get fit.”
video player - Bitmovin
Atul Ohri Head of Engineering, ClassPass Live
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video player - Bitmovin

Case studies


fuboTV brings live sports to global fans with Bitmovin’s video infrastructure.

“Bitmovin’s engineering team has been great to work with. We were able to rely on them to become an extension of our engineering team. Bitmovin’ gives us greater control over the player than any other player in the market. We were able to get our implementation to production with markedly better experience than our previous player. We’re looking forward to exploring more ways to work together.”
video player - Bitmovin
Sung Ho Choi Co-founder fuboTV
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video player - Bitmovin

Case studies


With it’s Ad capabilities and support for a wide range of devices, Bitmovin’s Player enabled CBC to improve it’s content monetization strategy and enhance the quality of experience for viewers

“We needed a solution that enables us to deliver a broadcast quality of experience for premium content and commercials, without compromising on content protection features, Bitmovin’s feature-rich player provides the backbone to our custom video players, and saves us from major investment into building our own solutions.”
video player - Bitmovin
Frank Penning Managing Director, CBC
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video player - Bitmovin
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