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Social Responsibility

At Bitmovin, we are committed to driving positive change that extends beyond the world of video streaming to local and international communities and this planet we call home. Over the past couple of years, we have ramped up our efforts to educate ourselves about social and environmental issues and take action at a corporate and individual level and be transparent about our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policy and outcomes. 


The climate change crisis requires immediate and meaningful action, and becoming a more sustainable technology company is a top priority for us. We’ve already taken many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and promote green practices among Bitmovers and within the video streaming ecosystem to help protect the planet. 

  • We’re funding a multi-million-euro project called GAIA, which is a collaboration with the University of Klagenfurt to develop a climate-friendly video streaming platform to improve sustainability and reduce energy consumption across the end-to-end video streaming chain. The results of GAIA will be used to inform Bitmovin’s product roadmaps to develop solutions that our customers can use. 
  • The majority of CO2 generated from video streaming is during the consumption of content, so we’re creating new products and features that reduce our and our customer’s carbon footprint by providing options in the Bitmovin Player to stream lower bitrate and resolution for a more eco-friendly streaming experience. 
  • We’re helping reduce the emissions emitted by encoding through our Per-Title encoding technology that uses less bandwidth; helping save on storage and bitrate, which helps reduce network usage by 50% and also reduces the carbon footprint by a similar amount. 
  • We also work with cloud providers who are actively reducing their carbon footprint and offering our customers the opportunity to shift encoding workloads into geographically close regions with much lower intensity to reduce emissions.
  • Dedicated engineering capacity to ensure our products and features are more sustainable and ready to be used by customers. 
  • While we welcome the return of in-person events, we’re also conscious of how much impact traveling has on the planet. Where possible, we encourage our teams to take more environmentally friendly modes of travel, such as trains. Furthermore, we strive to ensure events are attended by regional team members to minimize unnecessary travel. We also subsidize our employees in Austria, which provides unlimited access to public transport.
  • We offer Bitmovers the opportunity to work from home, which is more environmentally friendly and reduces the emissions associated with commuting and the energy generated in offices. 
  • We’ve digitized our resources, including the Video Developer Report, to ensure we are not contributing to paper waste. We have also minimized printed materials at tradeshows and events,  and use QR codes where possible. 
  • We’ve digitized our resources, including the Video Developer Report, to ensure we are not contributing to paper waste. We have also minimized printed materials at tradeshows and events,  and use QR codes where possible. 
  • We’ve introduced a recycling scheme for company hardware, such as laptops, including donating any hardware we no longer need. We also offer employees buyback schemes for company hardware.
  • We have robust recycling schemes in our regional offices and source organic, seasonal fruit for our employees. 


As the category leader in video streaming infrastructure, we recognize that diversity of thought underpins innovation. We must ensure our work culture welcomes and celebrates diversity in all its forms. We understand that the onus is on us to help drive positive social change by supporting underrepresented groups, and we’ve already implemented policies and initiatives that are broadening the background of the organization at every level. We’re proud to have created a culture that gives every Bitmover a sense of belonging and the freedom to be who themselves. 

We know that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an ongoing process, and we’re in it for the long haul. However, we’re also proud of the changes we’ve made to date, which have helped us diversify our team. In the last year, we’ve grown female representation on our senior management team by 20% and a 66% increase of women in leadership roles. Furthermore, we have had a 9% increase in people of color assuming leadership roles. 

  • We have designed a progressive recruitment strategy and policy to ensure every candidate’s interaction with us is positive and inclusive.
  • We have implemented a structured interview process and behavioral-based interviewing to remove biases during the screening process.
  • We redesigned our interview process to accommodate differently-abled people.
  • We have revamped our job descriptions to ensure the language is inclusive and attractive to the broadest range of candidates possible. 
  • We offer part-time or flexible work contracts to accommodate candidates with commitments outside of work. We also offer remote working to ensure we can recruit from a more diverse talent pool. 
  • We support and make regular donations to leading nonprofits that are addressing important social issues in different communities. 
  • We invite external speakers to speak to Bitmovers about pertinent social issues and the steps we can all take to become better allies to underrepresented groups. 
  • Every Bitmover undergoes obligatory DEI training to ensure they uphold our values of being welcoming and inclusive to people from all backgrounds.
  • All Bitmovers are encouraged to give back and help local communities, which we support by offering volunteering days which can be used to support charitable endeavours. 
  • Bitmovin offers packages to students, startups and non-profit organizations, enabling them to use Bitmovin’s products for free, helping make video streaming more accessible for everyone.
  • Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bitmovin ceased all operations in Russia.