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Increase viewer engagement and retention through actionable data collected across a variety of video players, not exclusive to the Bitmovin Player. Fix playback issues before they impact your viewers and optimize for the best experience, always.
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Diagnose problems quickly

Bitmovin Analytics collects data across the entire video chain (player, CDN, Ad Servers) and visualizes where things break down or perform sub-optimally so you can troubleshoot issues quickly and easily.

Real-time insights can be aggregated across many users or drilled down on a per-user level so you can empower your Customer Care team to offer white-glove support for your viewers.


Control and present your video data exactly the way you need it

Find the right data quickly using custom-tailored dashboards for your own business requirements. Or, script a developer-specific workflow using a custom visualization engine or a data integration with a data store and query platform such as Google Data Studio.

Content quality is more than bits and bytes

Bitmovin Analytics goes beyond technical quality measurement. Collect rich content performance data to glean insights into your creative performance combined with advanced segmentation by device, geography, or even CMS-supplied metadata such as title or categorization. Pump your data analysis up another level by defining user-based data parameters with Bitmovin Analytics custom data fields.

Case Studies

Telekom Slovenije

Slovenian telco Telekom Slovenije uses Bitmovin to launch next-gen “NEO” OTT service.

“Bitmovin has some of the most disruptive products on the market and helps us offer our users a truly differentiated experience. The Bitmovin Player ensures that we deliver high-quality streams to any device while still adhering to the Hollywood grade content protection standards that broadcasters and studios require."

Marko Kroflic
Marko KroflicMultimedia Services, Telekom Slovenije
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Telekom Slovenije

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