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Research and Technology

Video streaming is a fast moving area and to deliver the best possible product we need to be across a variety of technologies and systems. Our team is not only keeping abreast of latest trends and techniques, but are also actively driving the development of new technology. Bitmovin is at the forefront of MPEG-DASH and streaming media research, in fact we were instrumental in, and continue to assist in development of the MPEG-DASH standard.

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ATHENA Lab: Fast Multi-Resolution and Multi-Rate Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Using Machine Learning (FaRes-ML)

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The heterogeneity of the devices on the Internet and the difference among the network conditions […]

ATHENA Lab: Improving Viewer Experiences with Scalable Light Field Coding (SLFC)

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Immersive Viewer Experiences with Light Field Imaging  Light field imaging is a promising technology that […]

ATHENA Labs: Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Live Video Streaming with Optimizing Resource Utilization in Live Video Streaming (OSCAR)

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Live video streaming is a specific type of streaming that a video is broadcasted in […]

Innovations in VidTech: The History and Future of 3D Video Content

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Where nostalgia and fondness for the future collide – The world of 3D video content […]

Bitmovin’s Intern Series: The Journey from x86 to ARM – Part One

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Part I – Updating Library Dependencies from x86 to ARM ARM CPU architectures have been […]

State of Compression: Testing h.266/VVC vs h.265/HEVC

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VVC – the latest evolution for modern codecs Versatile Video Coding (h.266/VVC) is the newest […]

132nd MPEG Meeting Takeaways: MPEG Continues to Progress – First Meeting with the New Structure

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Preface Bitmovin isn’t the only organization whose sole purpose is to shape the future of […]

To Play, or Not to Play – AutoPlay Policies for Safari 14 and Chrome 64

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Updates to the autoplay policies in Safari and Chrome could have significant implications for both […]

131st MPEG Meeting Takeaways – Future Codecs are now: VVC is finalized

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Preface “Shaping the Future of Video” is not just a catchy slogan that we like […]

Video Tech Deep Dive: Super-Resolution with Machine Learning P2

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Super-Resolution: Why is it good and how can you incorporate it? Introduction  Welcome to Part […]