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Cloud Scalability

Scale with efficiency and sustainability in mind with our cloud-native encoding service. Adapt to changing demand with no idle infrastructure and no fixed cost.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

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Cloud native encoding benefits

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


From 1 file to 1000’s, scale your encoding workflow seamlessly to your needs with Bitmovin’s automated orchestration layer that intelligently identifies the complexity of your content and selects the right instance to always keep you cost effective.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


Multi-cloud deployments have an inherent advantage for critical workflows and avoiding downtime. As we are integrated with every major cloud provider, free your team from operational responsibilities without the risk or complexity that comes with running your own scheduling or datacenter.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


Accelerate your encodings by orders of magnitude; knowing the underlying infrastructure is most efficiently utilized using the latest server generations that take advantage of spot instances and horizontal scaling, ensuring you consistently stay cost effective no matter the size of your video library.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


What Bitmovin’s VOD Encoding enables you to do

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Stay cost effective

Our solution automates instance deployment while seamlessly correlating with the costs for specific machine use from each cloud provider. This ensures you always use the most cost effective instance and can scale with ease.

Handle fluctuating demand and changing requirements

Take the stress out of forecasting and managing surges in usage. Only pay for the resources you need, ready when you need them.

Experiment and grow without upfront investment

Test and deploy new workflows and features powered by the most efficient processors without getting stuck in the hardware upgrade cycle.

How it works & specific use cases

The sky’s the limit with Bitmovin’s intelligent scheduling and multi-cloud deployment. Our Customer Experience team has worked together with cloud teams in leading M&E companies to achieve incredible scale and batch processing turnaround times.

Zero downtime on critical encoding jobs – use automatic fail-over in case a cloud or region is down to continue processing without interruption.

Every generation of servers is about 30% more efficient than the previous one. We work closely with cloud providers to use the most up-to-date instances for increased performance and lower cost.

Results achieved by a
Bitmovin customer

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Purchase options

We offer a number of flexible ways to try our products, directly from Bitmovin or from
one of the following marketplaces:

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


The right partners
for every workflow

The Bitmovin VOD Encoder is integrated with trusted industry partners, providing seamless integration for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Forensic Watermarking to Server-Side Ad Insertion and CDNs.

With this collaborative approach, Bitmovin empowers development teams to get to market faster, helping keep their content secure, maximizing ROI and streaming worldwide.



30% increase in encoding efficiency with VOD encoder and helped scale streams with robust Player Features

“Bitmovin’s complete streaming solutions and video workflow experts were essential for our team to launch quickly and successfully. Mcontent is a platform built for Web3 and focused on changing the way viewers watch video and creators publish their content. To achieve our goals, we needed a cost-effective way to encode our content library and stream it in the highest quality while monetizing it through ads. We found our answer with Bitmovin, as they were the only provider that was able to give us the tools to optimize our video workflow, increasing our encoding efficiency by over 30% and helping us make our platform scalable through their robust Player features.”
- Bitmovin
Deepak Selvaraj Director – DevOps and Quality Engineering at Transform UK
- Bitmovin

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