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Cloud Native Advantage

Scale with efficiency and sustainability in mind with our cloud-native encoding service. Adapt to changing demand with no idle infrastructure and no fixed cost.

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Cloud native encoding benefits

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Go from 1 encoding per day to 1000s of encodings with Bitmovin’s cloud native and cloud agnostic job scheduling. Join the world’s biggest M&E brands on Bitmovin’s highly scalable infrastructure.

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Multi-cloud deployments have an inherent advantage for critical workflows. Free your team from operational responsibilities without the risk or complexity that comes with running your own scheduling or datacenter.

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Accelerate your encodings by orders of magnitude; knowing the underlying infrastructure is most efficiently utilized using the latest server generations that take advantage of spot instances and horizontal scaling.

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Use Cases

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Handle fluctuating demand and changing requirements

Take the stress out of forecasting and managing surges in usage. Only pay for the resources you need, ready when you need them.

Experiment and grow without upfront investment

Test and deploy new workflows and features powered by the most efficient processors without getting stuck in the hardware upgrade cycle.

Scale up to 50k+
encodings per day

The sky’s the limit with Bitmovin’s intelligent scheduling and multi-cloud deployment. Our Customer Experience team has worked together with cloud teams in leading M&E companies to achieve incredible scale and batch processing turnaround times.

Switch to any cloud
on a per job basis

Zero downtime on critical encoding jobs – use automatic fail-over in case a cloud or region is down to continue processing without interruption.

Utilize the latest servers
used for highest efficiency

Every generation of servers is about 30% more efficient than the previous one. We work closely with cloud providers to use the most up-to-date instances for increased performance and lower cost.

Results achieved by a
Bitmovin customer

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Select green regions and reduce carbon footprint 91% compared to on-prem

Frequently asked questions

Which public clouds does Bitmovin use?

Bitmovin Encoding can run on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Can I run Bitmovin Encoding on my own cloud resources?

Yes, with Bitmovin Cloud Connect, you can utilize your own pool of resources on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Can I purchase Bitmovin Encoding directly through my cloud provider?

Yes, Bitmovin Encoding is available as a service in the AWS Marketplace.

What does cloud native mean?

Cloud native applications are designed and built specifically to run on a cloud computing platform, taking full advantage of the native services provided by the cloud.

What does lift-and-shift mean?

Lift-and-shift refers to a strategy for migrating on-premises applications to run in the cloud, without changing the application architecture. While lift-and-shift applications receive some of the energy efficiency and redundancy benefits of the cloud, they don’t fully utilize the potential of cloud computing’s scalability and microservices. Cloud native applications are more cost and energy efficient than both lift-and-shift and on-premises applications.

How many videos can I encode in a day with Bitmovin?

Bitmovin’s customers have encoded 50,000+ videos in one day!

Can I switch or migrate clouds with Bitmovin?

Yes, you have the freedom to select your preferred cloud and region for every encoding job. This allows for multi-region, multi-vendor redundancy and gives you more control over your costs, commitments, and the environmental impact of the resources you utilize.

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