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Cloud Scalability

Scale with efficiency and sustainability in mind with our cloud-native encoding service. Adapt to changing demand with no idle infrastructure and no fixed cost.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Cloud native encoding benefits

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


From 1 file to 1000’s, scale your encoding workflow seamlessly to your needs with Bitmovin’s automated orchestration layer that intelligently identifies the complexity of your content and selects the right instance to always keep you cost effective.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


Multi-cloud deployments have an inherent advantage for critical workflows and avoiding downtime. As we are integrated with every major cloud provider, free your team from operational responsibilities without the risk or complexity that comes with running your own scheduling or datacenter.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


Accelerate your encodings by orders of magnitude; knowing the underlying infrastructure is most efficiently utilized using the latest server generations that take advantage of spot instances and horizontal scaling, ensuring you consistently stay cost effective no matter the size of your video library.

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


What Bitmovin’s VOD Encoding enables you to do

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Stay cost effective

Our solution automates instance deployment while seamlessly correlating with the costs for specific machine use from each cloud provider. This ensures you always use the most cost effective instance and can scale with ease.

Handle fluctuating demand and changing requirements

Take the stress out of forecasting and managing surges in usage. Only pay for the resources you need, ready when you need them.

Experiment and grow without upfront investment

Test and deploy new workflows and features powered by the most efficient processors without getting stuck in the hardware upgrade cycle.

How it works & specific use cases

The sky’s the limit with Bitmovin’s intelligent scheduling and multi-cloud deployment. Our Customer Experience team has worked together with cloud teams in leading M&E companies to achieve incredible scale and batch processing turnaround times.

Zero downtime on critical encoding jobs – use automatic fail-over in case a cloud or region is down to continue processing without interruption.

Every generation of servers is about 30% more efficient than the previous one. We work closely with cloud providers to use the most up-to-date instances for increased performance and lower cost.

Results achieved by a
Bitmovin customer

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Frequently asked questions

Which public clouds does Bitmovin use?

Bitmovin Encoding can run on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Can I run Bitmovin Encoding on my own cloud resources?

Yes, with Bitmovin Cloud Connect, you can utilize your own pool of resources on AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.

Can I purchase Bitmovin Encoding directly through my cloud provider?

Yes, Bitmovin Encoding is available as a service in the AWS Marketplace.

What does cloud native mean?

Cloud native applications are designed and built specifically to run on a cloud computing platform, taking full advantage of the native services provided by the cloud.

What does lift-and-shift mean?

Lift-and-shift refers to a strategy for migrating on-premises applications to run in the cloud, without changing the application architecture. While lift-and-shift applications receive some of the energy efficiency and redundancy benefits of the cloud, they don’t fully utilize the potential of cloud computing’s scalability and microservices. Cloud native applications are more cost and energy efficient than both lift-and-shift and on-premises applications.

How many videos can I encode in a day with Bitmovin?

Bitmovin’s customers have encoded 50,000+ videos in one day!

Can I switch or migrate clouds with Bitmovin?

Yes, you have the freedom to select your preferred cloud and region for every encoding job. This allows for multi-region, multi-vendor redundancy and gives you more control over your costs, commitments, and the environmental impact of the resources you utilize.

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Purchase options

We offer a number of flexible ways to try our products, directly from Bitmovin or from
one of the following marketplaces:

cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin


The right partners
for every workflow

The Bitmovin VOD Encoder is integrated with trusted industry partners, providing seamless integration for Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Forensic Watermarking to Server-Side Ad Insertion and CDNs.

With this collaborative approach, Bitmovin empowers development teams to get to market faster, helping keep their content secure, maximizing ROI and streaming worldwide.

Case study


Transforming global news delivery with lightning-fast encoding, streaming, and top-notch quality

“Bitmovin’s product suite ensures we have the agility we need to deliver high-quality streams at speed and scale to our global audience. Speed is especially important to us because news is at the heart of our business model and there’s always a story breaking at any time. Bitmovin’s VOD encoding is the fastest on the market which means we can have VOD assets ready to go in seconds. Additionally, the Bitmovin Player ensures our audience can enjoy streams in the highest-quality while Bitmovin Analytics works tirelessly in the background to pinpoint issues before they impact the viewer. Bitmovin is an invaluable technology partner and their solutions have transformed our video streaming workflows.”
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
Stephan Zech Executive Director, BILD Video/TV Business
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Case study


Delivering top-quality content without compromising bandwidth with Bitmovin’s 3-pass encoding

“We are not willing to compromise the visual integrity of our content and we hold ourselves to strict perception-quality standards. Bitmovin’s renowned 3-Pass encoding exceeded our expectations and is ensuring that high perceptual quality can still be delivered while streaming at optimal bandwidth levels.”
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
Lucas Stephanou Video Platform Product Owner, Globo
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cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Case study

Easel TV

Leveraging Bitmovin, Easel TV reduced latency by 94% and sped up content delivery by 93%

“At Easel TV, we enable our clients to easily and quickly implement and launch end-to-end streaming services. With Bitmovin’s VOD and Live Encoder, we are able to make content available in the highest quality, available 93% faster and reduce latency by 94%, which is vital for live sport streams. With Bitmovin’s extensive feature set and a clear roadmap, we can offer our clients the latest functionality while setting them up for the future. Bitmovin has become an essential and seamless part of our video workflow.”
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
Bill Scott COO & Co-founder of Easel TV
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cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

Case study


Enhancing the National Rugby Leagues video workflow to boost efficiency and resolve issues

“When working with video content from varying sources that needs to be published online (live, near-live or on-demand content), every workflow, metadata layer and media processing step adds time and complexity getting content to the audience. By combining Dalet Flex and the Bitmovin solutions we have been able to reduce complexity and issues, optimizing inefficient steps while successfully accelerating our online delivery workflows.”
cloud,scalability - Bitmovin
Quanah McBride Head of Digital Media Operations The National Rugby League
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cloud,scalability - Bitmovin

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