Adam Massaro

Adam Massaro is a Product Marketing Manager at Bitmovin that is focused on everything about the Bitmovin Player deployments and developments.

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Introducing Bitmovin Playback

In the latest news from Bitmovin, we will launch the first category product suite at IBC focused on ensuring Playback for audiences across devices and simplifying deployment and optimization for developers.  Why Does This Matter? Guaranteeing Playback quality is challenging, especially when development teams have multiple priorities they have to account for before they launch…

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Bitmovin Stream Lab – A New Approach to Device Testing, Support and Playback

Launching & managing a streaming service in today’s market can be a bit overwhelming and I know right now you’re saying “Duh Adam, thanks for the groundbreaking opinion” but it’s not for the reasons you would normally think – workflow. It’s actually about the number of devices you and your team have the capability of…

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