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From Workouts to Wellness: Navigating the 5 Main Challenges of Health and Fitness Video Streaming Workflows

Video streaming has emerged as a powerful tool in health and fitness, enabling platforms to engage with individuals looking to achieve their health and wellness goals wherever they are. Whether in the comfort of their homes, on the go, or gathered in groups at physical locations around the globe, video streaming unlocks a new world…

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Faith-Based Video Streaming: 4 Major Challenges (and Solutions) for Religious Organizations    

Religious and faith-based video streaming has gained significant popularity in recent years as a powerful way to connect and engage with a broad global audience. A considerable amount of adoption happened recently when the world was in lockdown and people still wanted to “attend” their house of worship prayers or engage with religious content. However,…

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The 5 Essential Pieces for Every Health and Fitness Streaming Workflow

Health and fitness, like every industry, has seen a significant digital transformation in recent years, with the rise of online fitness and wellness platforms, virtual therapeutic and training sessions, and on-demand workout videos. As video is the most widely engaged media type, it has become crucial in helping companies reach a wider audience, connect with…

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Bringing Per-Title Encoding to Live Streaming Workflows

Introduction Bitmovin was born from research performed by our co-founders at Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) and many of the innovations powering our products today are the direct result of the ongoing ATHENA project collaboration between Bitmovin engineers and the Christian Doppler Laboratory at AAU. This post takes a closer look at our recent combined efforts researching…

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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 2: Implementing the Encoding Workflow

Implementing Cloud-Based Per-Title Encoding in the Real World Bitmovin’s gives developers access to industry-leading codecs and advanced encoding algorithms such as Per-Title. As you saw in the first part of this series, Per-Title Encoding allows you to save money on storage and streaming costs while giving viewers the best perceivable quality for their streaming session. In…

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You May be Wondering How We Got Here: Emmy® Award for Innovations in Online Broadcasting

As you may have heard, Bitmovin was recently honored with the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award for the Development of Massive Processing Optimized Compression Technologies for our innovative work on our AI/ML Per-Title Encoding solution. But before the music plays me off the stage for individually thanking all of the Bitmovers who made this possible….

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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 1: Establishing the Architecture

If you work with video on the internet, you know how resource-intensive encoding can be. While moving from in-house to cloud-hosted servers can save you a lot of money, that doesn’t change the fact that processing large videos with modern codecs takes significant computing power.  “Video transcoding is one of the most computationally challenging things…

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What is Per-Title Encoding? How to Efficiently Compress Video

What is per-title encoding? By encoding video at bitrates appropriate to the content of the video file, content providers can make significant bandwidth savings as well as quality improvements. Introduction Per-Title Encoding is not a new concept. In fact, you can find research online that dates back several years, including this 2012 presentation: Choosing the…

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