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Markus Hafellner

Markus Hafellner

State of Compression: Testing h.266/VVC vs h.265/HEVC

VVC – the latest evolution for modern codecs Versatile Video Coding (h.266/VVC) is the newest block-based hybrid codec from the Joint Video Experts Team (JVET), a group comprised of MPEG …

Improving Time-to-Market: H264, HEVC, and VP9 Video Codec Presets

Launching a new or revamped OTT service requires a lot of complex back-end workflow builds, including, but not limited to moving to a new encoder. The process of implementing a …

Object Detection: Accessible now in the dashboard

Unlock machine learning capabilities, our latest experimental feature, with one click According to Bitmovin’s 2019 video developer survey, over half of the respondents shared their plans to use Artificial Intelligence …