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How To Trust Your Player #1 – Tips from the Top: Secure Content Delivery and Playback

By Joshua Shulman, Alan Ogilvie, Ali Hodjat This article and video series, presented by Bitmovin, Friend MTS, and Intertrust, covers how to secure the delivery of your OTT Service content from origination all the way through to the end user via browser-based players. Following the best practices we outline, will ensure that you are protecting your content and revenue…

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Demuxed 2019 Redux: Objectionable Uses of Objective Video Quality Metrics

Welcome back to Bitmovin’s Encoding Excellence series! Our first post covered why video quality metrics matter. The second post provided an “objective” introduction to the top three objective video quality metrics (see what we did there?). The third post in our Encoding Excellence series is an exploration of quality measurement methods (and their limitations) through…

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Digital Rights Management (DRM) – Everything you need to know

The necessity for streaming capabilities amongst video content distributors is at an all-time high! Consumers and developers alike are racing to find and distribute the best content at their disposal. Unfortunately, this high demand for video content is often undermined by a lack of security around original content. As a result, creators and distributors alike…

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Bitmovin encoding and player solutions are officially available on Microsoft’s Azure

Azure customers given complete access to rich set of cloud encoding and playback features from Bitmovin at IBC 2019 Bitmovin is excited to announce the integration of our world-class innovative cloud-based video streaming solutions, the Encoder and Player, with Microsoft’s Azure.  Azure customers can now use encoding and player solutions from Bitmovin to create highly…

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