Daniel Weinberger

Daniel Weinberger is a Principal Solutions Architect at Bitmovin. After years of developing the Bitmovin Player and leading the player engineering department, he's now enabling customers to integrate and optimize the Bitmovin Player and Analytics into their applications.

Video Encoding

Choosing the Right Video Bitrate for Streaming HLS and DASH

Video Bitrates for Streaming Choosing an appropriate streaming bitrate for a specific resolution, while maintaining an acceptable visual quality is not always that easy. The decision depends heavily on the content, e.g., motion, resolution, video bitrate, frame-rate etc. In adaptive streaming systems like MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)…

Video bitrates for streaming
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Bitmovin Video Player v8 introduces a modular architecture boosting flexibility and start-up speed

Bitmovin Video Player v8 marks the transition to a module-based approach, allowing developers to load only the features they need. The New Modular Player? Version 8.0 includes a range of improvements, but one of the most significant is a shift to a modular architecture. While previous versions relied on a fixed structure, which shipped all…

Video Player v8 in now available
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Bitmovin HTML5 Player v7.2: Per-Scene Adaptation, VR/360 API, Performance Improvements and HLS Backup Streams

The 7.2 release is yet another great step forward for the Bitmovin Player team, and among a host of impressive new updates, contains at least one new feature that could be a game changer for the industry. Per-Scene Adaptation Per-Scene Adaptation, as the name suggests, enables the player to optimize the stream based on the…

Bitmovin Player 7.2
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Bitmovin Player v7.1: Mobile UI, AirPlay, Picture-in-Picture, Slide synchronization, standardized Chromecast protocol and more

Play on devices including Apple TV, control your Chromecast with built-in cast controls on your Android phone, continue watching when a CDN becomes unavailable, synchronize slides with HLS streams and more! The release of the Bitmovin Player v7.1 is yet another big step forward in usability. We have reworked the handling of remote players and in…

Bitmovin Player v7.1

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