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Bitmovin Launches AI-Enabled Encoding – First Pass, Second Pass, Third Pass Encoding

San Francisco, CA – Tuesday March 27th, 2018 – Bitmovin, a world leader in online video technology, announces the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered encoding, dramatically speeding up processing and enabling service providers to deliver significant improvements in video quality. AI-enabled Encoding will be demonstrated for the first time at the Bitmovin booth (SU9901CM) at the NAB…

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Webinar Recap: Per-Title Encoding Netflix-Style Optimization for Quality and CDN Costs

In a recent webinar, Bitmovin Product Manager Daniel Hölbling-Inzko spoke with our Developer Experience Manager Kieran Farr about using Per-Title Encoding optimization to achieve 200% better video quality while reducing delivery costs. Publishers and platforms with diverse content libraries have a big challenge – how to encode all this content to optimize for quality without…

fuboTV and Bitmovin bring live sport to fans all over the world
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fuboTV Brings Live Sports to Global Fans with Bitmovin Video Infrastructure

Bitmovin video infrastructure gave fuboTV customization options, speed to market and reliability to realize their vision and bring to market a service that customers love. fuboTV is known for their loyal global fan base and a lineup of over 65 channels that rivals many traditional pay TV offerings. This “upstart streaming TV service” has been…

Tile-Based Streaming is the future of VR and 360 Video and being developed now by Bitmovin
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Bitmovin Receives Excellence in DASH Award for Tile-Based Streaming of VR and 360° Video

Tile-Based Streaming is set to play a major role in delivering VR and 360 video to mainstream audiences by reducing bandwidth requirements, reducing costs and vastly increasing accessibility. Bitmovin engineers and co-founders Mario Graf (@grafmar_io), Christian Timmerer (@timse7), and Christopher Mueller (@chris_bitmovin) have been awarded the Excellence in DASH Award at ACM Multimedia Systems 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan….

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