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The 20 Best Live Streaming Encoders: Software & Hardware [2023]

In today’s competitive online video market — where quality of experience is table stakes — ensuring your team has the right encoder for your unique needs is key. But where do you start when selecting an encoder? Look no further. Our team of video engineering experts has put together a comprehensive comparison of the best live contribution encoders available in 2023.

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ATHENA Labs: Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Live Video Streaming with Optimizing Resource Utilization in Live Video Streaming (OSCAR)

Live video streaming is a specific type of streaming that a video is broadcasted in real-time. The actual source of the video can be pre-recorded or simultaneously recorded. Live streaming is suitable for live venues, conferences, and gaming. In recent years the demands for watching live venues such as news, concerts, and sports have increased,…


360 degree (live) adaptive streaming with RICOH THETA S and Bitmovin

Recently I got the RICOH THETA S 360-degree camera and I asked myself how to setup a (live) adaptive streaming session using Bitmovin cloud encoding and HTML5 player. I quickly found some general guidelines on the internet but before providing step-by-step instructions one has to consider the following: Update the firmware of your Ricoh Theta S by downloading…

Kronehit music video streaming
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24/7 Music Video Live Streaming Service uses Bitmovin

Kronehit Livestream Following a successful live-streaming deployment around its 2-day continuous fundraising event, KRONEHIT, Austria’s only nationwide private radio broadcaster, uses the Bitmovin’s cloud-based encoding platform in combination with Bitmovin’s HTML5 Player to realize 24x7x365 live streaming in highest quality with MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) & Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). What are the…

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