Jameson Steiner

Software Engineer | Player Web

Jameson is a multimedia aficionado with great expertise in adaptive video streaming and playback on web platforms such as desktops, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles. Be it shiny new player features or one of those rare bugs, you bet Jameson is working on one of them right now, getting down to the nuts and bolts of all things streaming video tech.

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Video Tech Deep Dive: Super-Resolution with Machine Learning P1

Super-Resolution: What’s the buzz and why does it matter? Super-resolution has been gaining steam recently. Many companies, secretly and not-so-secretly, have been incorporating this technology into their workflow. Most notably:  Samsung has started advertising this feature in their latest flagship phone camera’s – boasting 64MP cameras that use super-resolution for zooming in during the photo…

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Fun with Container Formats – Part 2

In continuation of our Fun with Container Formats series, this week we’ll be diving into the MP4 and CMAF container formats. If you need a refresher on the terminology or the handling of these formats in your player, please check back to Post 1: Fun with Container Formats MP4 Overview of Standards MPEG-4 Part 14…

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