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Encoding VR and 360 Immersive Video for Meta Quest Headsets

This article was originally published in April 2023. It was updated Nov 14, 2023 with information about Quest 3 AV1 support. Whether you’re calling it Virtual Reality (VR) or 360 video or Metaverse content, there are a lot of details that should be taken into consideration in order to guarantee a good immersive experience. Things…

Tile-Based Streaming is the future of VR and 360 Video and being developed now by Bitmovin
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Bitmovin Receives Excellence in DASH Award for Tile-Based Streaming of VR and 360° Video

Tile-Based Streaming is set to play a major role in delivering VR and 360 video to mainstream audiences by reducing bandwidth requirements, reducing costs and vastly increasing accessibility. Bitmovin engineers and co-founders Mario Graf (@grafmar_io), Christian Timmerer (@timse7), and Christopher Mueller (@chris_bitmovin) have been awarded the Excellence in DASH Award at ACM Multimedia Systems 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan….


360 degree (live) adaptive streaming with RICOH THETA S and Bitmovin

Recently I got the RICOH THETA S 360-degree camera and I asked myself how to setup a (live) adaptive streaming session using Bitmovin cloud encoding and HTML5 player. I quickly found some general guidelines on the internet but before providing step-by-step instructions one has to consider the following: Update the firmware of your Ricoh Theta S by downloading…

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