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Bitmovin HTML5 Player 3.3 – Enhanced Startup Quality due to Custom Adaptation

After one month of developing, since our last release, we are happy to announce Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player v3.3! It contains not only enhancements in terms of quality adaptation, we also improved the usability in context of DVR, DRM and error handling. Also the framework around the Bitmovin Player, such as the SDK, has been updated and can be…

Bitmovin Player v3.3
Video Player Welcome to the Bitmovin Blog

Bitmovin Player 3.2 – Timed Metadata (ID3) and Improvements for Developers

Please note: As of January 2016 we are now referring to bitdash as the Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player. You can read more about the Bitmovin rebranding here. In our second release of version 3, bitdash (the Bitmovin Player) ships with support for timed metadata in ID3 format for HLS and enhanced configuration possibilities to tailor the Bitmovin Player to…

Bitdash is now Bitmovin Player Version 3.2
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24/7 Music Video Live Streaming Service uses Bitmovin

Kronehit Livestream Following a successful live-streaming deployment around its 2-day continuous fundraising event, KRONEHIT, Austria’s only nationwide private radio broadcaster, uses the Bitmovin’s cloud-based encoding platform in combination with Bitmovin’s HTML5 Player to realize 24x7x365 live streaming in highest quality with MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) & Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). What are the…

Kronehit music video streaming
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Same-Origin Policy, CORS & crossdomain.xml – What you Need to Know

Nearly everyone, who works with video streaming will sooner or later face CORS & crossdomain.xml. But what’s it all about? To get an idea of what CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) is, we have to start with the so called Same-Origin Policy which is a security concept for the web. Sounds sophisticated, but only makes sure a web browser…

cors crossdomain.xml
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Replacing Flash: HTML5 Adaptive Streaming and DRM

Recently I participated in a panel on “Replacing Flash: Adaptive Streaming and DRM in HTML5”, presenting Bitmovin’s approach with the Bitmovin MPEG-DASH and HLS player to fully leverage the capabilities of HTML5 for high quality media streaming. This panel was organized and moderated by’s well known streaming expert Jan Ozer at the Streaming Media East Show in New…

Stefan Lederer talks about html5 video player adaptive streaming
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The Best MPEG-DASH Open Source Players & Tools

There are more and more open-source projects are available today around or supporting MPEG-DASH and it is always good to have some of these tools ready during development, we collected the following list of publicly available and open-source MPEG-DASH player tools: libdash MPEG-DASH player Reference Library libdash is the official reference software of the ISO/IEC…

MPEG-DASH open source

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