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WWDC 2024 HLS Updates for Video Developers

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is an annual event used to showcase new software and technologies in the Apple ecosystem. It was created with developers in mind, but sometimes new hardware and devices are announced and its keynote presentations have become must-see events for a much wider audience. There is also usually news about changes and…

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Globo, Google Cloud and Bitmovin: Taking Quality to New Heights

Globo’s content and reach When it comes to content scale and audience reach, Globo is on par with Hollywood and the big US broadcasters with over 3,000 hours of entertainment content being produced each year. The viewership numbers are equally impressive with forty-nine million Brazilians watching the daily, one-hour newscast and Globo’s Digital Hub attracting…

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Streamlining HDR Workflows with Bitmovin

Since the launch of Dolby Vision, HDR video has quickly grown from a novel innovation, mostly known in videophile and engineering circles, to a ubiquitous and expected feature for the general television-owning public. Content producers and streaming platforms should be producing and delivering HDR video whenever possible in order to best recreate the artist’s vision…

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HDR: Delivering the Best Quality from Encoding to Playback

With the increase in demand for premium content, you’re being pushed to deliver content faster, with increasingly crisp picture quality. To keep up, video industry leaders have to explore ways to take advantage of the luminance, contrast, and color gamut that HDR offers. You’re probably familiar with HDR (high dynamic range) technology. Its brightness, color…

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