Simplifying video streaming for an easier workflow experience

We built Bitmovin Streams to make streaming simple for everyone, regardless of the level of video knowledge. Driven by seeing how complex live and on-demand video workflows can be, we’ve taken the best parts of our single solutions for live and video encoding, Player, and Analytics and combined them to make Streams. This has enabled clients to get to market faster and stream in the highest quality to their users globally while gathering important & actionable audience data to ensure the best viewing experience. 

bitmovin streams - Bitmovin

Helping you to get up and running regardless of your level of experience

Are you concerned with how much video-specific developer knowledge may be needed? As I mentioned above, the three-step process and low code experience keep it simple and let you get going no matter your level of experience. In addition, the Streams solution allows you to streamline your process, getting started and launching faster. (Find out more about our Streams solution on our website).  

bitmovin streams - Bitmovin

Fast insights and taking action

Access to the Bitmovin Analytics product is also pre-integrated with the Streams product. This ensures your team can get immediate insights on each viewing session, helping you improve and optimize the Playback experience for every user.  

Want to know more about Streams? Check out our FAQ and Developer Community post.

If you want to simplify your existing streaming workflow or launch your streaming platform, sign up for a free trial to start testing Streams today.

Product Manager at Bitmovin; Mihael is a tech enthusiast, who loves to build products together as a team and celebrate failures and successes. He is happiest working in unknown domains and where he can step out of his comfort zone to solve challenges together his co-workers.

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