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Introducing Bitmovin’s Streams

Mihael Simic
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Bitmovin's Streams - Bitmovin

Originally published 13th October 2022. This blog was updated 7th December 2022 for accuracy.

Simplifying video streaming for an easier workflow experience

We built Bitmovin’s Streams solution to make streaming simple for everyone, regardless of the level of video development or streaming knowledge. Driven by seeing how complex live and on-demand video workflows can be, we’ve taken the best parts of our industry-leading standalone solutions for Live and Video encoding, Player, and Analytics and combined them to make Streams. This enables you to get to market faster and stream in the highest quality to your users globally while gathering important & actionable audience data to ensure the best viewing experience. 

Which workflows is Bitmovin’s Streams perfect for?

Streams truly fits into every use case as its core focus is to cut down the process to get streaming as easily as possible. Facilitating both Video on Demand (VOD) and Live workflows as mentioned above, Streams can be used within every industry, such as:

  • ELearning
  • ECommerce
  • Esports
  • Online Fitness
  • OTT
  • Publishing (News, etc.)
  • Live Events (Sports, conferences, etc.)
  • Religion
  • + more
Bitmovin's Streams - Bitmovin

VOD workflows

For VOD workflows, Streams enables you to directly upload and host content on the Bitmovin dashboard, where it is then automatically encoded and has an embed code associated with it to be applied where you wish to stream from. This empowers any team to offer their viewers access to their entire video library, as you now have the tools to make content available easily. Additionally, when content is run through the Bitmovin Encoder, meaning it is being prepared in multiple formats to make viewing on different devices and platforms possible, we utilize our Per-Title Encoding capabilities. This allows you to upload video with no need to set any parameters as our best-of-breed VOD Encoder identifies and applies all of the benefits to your content automatically, saving you on cloud storage and CDN delivery costs and making video content available in the highest quality while cutting the bitrate needed to stream it.

Live workflows

Specifically for live streaming workflows, you have the ability to use any live production software (OBS, vMIX, etc.) or hardware (Videon, Haivision, etc.) on your end to connect your live stream to us. All you have to do is start up your live production tools, create a live stream on the Bitmovin Dashboard and apply the RTMP link and stream Key into your system of choice. From then on, all you need to do is take the player embed code from the Bitmovin dashboard and apply it to your platform to make the stream available for your viewers on every device in HLS and DASH. Another benefit for live streaming scenarios, development teams can now save precious time by being able to connect and stream quickly with the same Streams setup that they used for a prior event, meaning they don’t have to change the Stream ID or Stream key when they need to stream additional events that are not concurrent.

If you have specific questions regarding Streams capabilities or limitations, check out our growing FAQ!

Helping you to get up and running regardless of your level of experience

Are you concerned with how much video-specific developer knowledge may be needed? As in the previous image, the three steps and low code needs keep it simple and let you get going with our streamlined process that provides the best experience out of the box without you having to be an expert. 

Bitmovin's Streams - Bitmovin

Fast insights and taking action

Access to the Bitmovin Analytics product is also pre-integrated with the Streams product. This ensures your team can get immediate insights on each viewing session, helping you improve and optimize the Playback experience for every user and learn about them more. 

Want to know more about Streams? Check out Streams on our website and Developer Community post.

If you want to simplify your existing streaming workflow or launch your streaming platform, sign up for a free trial to start testing Bitmovin’s Streams today.

Mihael Simic

Mihael Simic

Product Manager | Streams

Mihael is a tech enthusiast who is constantly looking for ways to simplify processes. As the Product Manager for Streams, he and his team focus on developing products that can be used by anyone and enable users to be more productive to stream video to end-users in minutes instead of days.

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