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Bitmovin encoding and player solutions are officially available on Microsoft’s Azure

Shilpa Murthy
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- BitmovinAzure customers given complete access to rich set of cloud encoding and playback features from Bitmovin at IBC 2019

Bitmovin is excited to announce the integration of our world-class innovative cloud-based video streaming solutions, the Encoder and Player, with Microsoft’s Azure.  Azure customers can now use encoding and player solutions from Bitmovin to create highly customizable, flexible, easy and quick to deploy secure streaming solutions for video on demand (VoD) and live streaming use cases.
By ensuring full interoperability of its player with streams from Azure Media Services, Bitmovin has simplified streaming video content to PCs, laptops, mobile devices, streaming sticks, consoles and Smart TVs.
Bitmovin Encoder and Player products easily enable any number of features that are commonly expected in SVoD and AVoD workflow setups and critical to the delivery of high-quality streaming experiences to viewers. By providing the majority of features out of the box, Bitmovin and Microsoft customers can deploy ready to use solutions quickly, reducing time to market and speeding up return on investment.
Co-Founder and CTO Christopher Mueller suggests that the integration with Microsoft Azure Media Services creates a fantastic synergy between Azure and Bitmovin’s Encoding and Player solutions that truly optimize the delivery of cloud-based streaming and playout workflows in a secure environment. This integration opens up access to complementary services for Bitmovin and Microsoft customers alike, as they look to grow their customer base and make their content accessible to more viewers. The solutions from Bitmovin integrated into Microsoft Azure ensure that quality of service is consistent across all devices and platforms while simplifying the process of preparing content for all formats. 
With the Bitmovin Encoder, Azure customers will have complete access to a rich set of cloud encoding features including:

  • Multi-codec, multi-device compatible encoding (H264, HEVC, MPEG DASH, VP9)
  • Support for advanced codecs like AV1
  • Transcoding for multi-device delivery
  • DRM integrations for content protection
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Multi-language closed captions and audio selection
  • Three Pass Encoding

With Bitmovin’s multi-device player, Azure customers will also have complete access to a rich set of playback features including:

  • HTML5 and Native Player sdks to reach broad set of devices like browser, mobile, gaming console, Streaming Stick and Smart TV devices 
  • Unified APIs that enable customizations and reduce cross platform development time
  • Adaptive streaming for Live and VoD content
  • Multiple playback formats such as Progressive, DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming
  • Playback of DRM, AES-128 encrypted content
  • Flexible Server-Side and Client-Side Ad Insertion modules
  • Multi-language closed captions, audio selection
  • Pre-integrated video analytics solutions for QoS, Ad and Video tracking needs

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Shilpa Murthy

Shilpa Murthy

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