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Paul MacDougall

Paul MacDougall

Paul has been live streaming video on the internet for over a decade, pioneering production and delivery techniques for fashion and sports sectors, and helping customers plan and implement video monetization workflows using both subscription models and advertising based solutions.

Living in a Multi-Codec World – Future Codecs revisited

Multi-Codec World is here and now Two years ago we published the blog post “Get ready for a multi-codec world”. With the official launch of H.266 (VVC) and the progression …

Get Ready for a Multi-Codec World

In the last decade, the tech industry has rallied around one codec for streaming video files over the internet: MPEG’s AVC/H.264. Now the market is moving toward a new generation …

Guide to Selecting and Implementing DRM & Content Protection

This guide discusses considerations for creating premium content protection strategy for premium content providers and includes an in-depth overview of Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems. Bitmovin’s CEO, Stefan Lederer, and …