Mario Graf

Senior Software Engineer

Mario is a lead engineer for player SDKs at Bitmovin. The SDK team works on delivering the best possible multimedia experience to mobile phones, smart TVs and set-top boxes. He and his team are working hard to provide player SDKs which are robust and stable, are optimized for performance, and which support a wide range of streaming technologies and features across a great variety of different platforms and devices.

React Native,Flutter - Bitmovin

5 Ways React Native & Flutter Can Simplify Video Streaming Workflows

Developing an application built to stream video can take a lot of work, especially for smaller development teams or those with minimal video technical expertise. Normally, to build on platforms such as iOS and Android, an experienced developer for each would be needed, but with frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, it’s gotten much…

User Aware Bitmovin Player
Product Updates

Adjust to Viewers as They Watch (and as They Don’t) with User Aware Adaptation

The Bitmovin Player is now equipped with facial recognition software that allows the player logic to adapt to viewers behavior. A Little About User Interfaces Ever since the world’s first computer, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), went online in 1946, computers have been designed to respond to human input. ENIAC’s human interface was a…

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