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TVOD, SVOD vs AVOD vs TVOD, Video Streaming Models - Bitmovin
VidTech Welcome to the Bitmovin Blog

AVOD vs SVOD; the “fall” of SVOD and Rise of AVOD & TVOD (Video Tech Trends)

Video Tech Trends: The New Norm of Video Streaming Models Although many people still subscribe to traditional cable channels, OTT (over-the-top) streaming is poised to become the default method of video delivery by 2024. With a growing number of people streaming video worldwide, it’s no surprise that providers are getting more creative and varied in…

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Operational Optimization Video Encoding Welcome to the Bitmovin Blog

Bring Your Own Cloud: Introduction to Bitmovin Cloud Connect Encoding

As demand for streaming video grows worldwide, many ISPs and hosting providers have struggled to keep up. In 2020, Bitmovin has seen a 118% increase in videos played, but a 15% lower download speed on average. As a video provider, you can’t fix connection speeds due to overwhelmed internet service providers, but using the latest…

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