James Varndell

Director of Product Management | Playback

James has built his career around video, helping media companies and video publishers to create great content and reach every viewer. His focus is on Bitmovin's Playback products, ensuring they help developers to reach every device with outstanding quality playback. James also has in-depth knowledge of media management and video editing software.

RDK Tech Summit - Bitmovin

Highlights from RDK Tech Summit 2024

What is RDK? RDK stands for Reference Design Kit. It’s an open source software bundle for video, broadband and IoT devices. It’s commonly used in consumer devices which include video streaming apps, for example, set top boxes and is a popular development platform for service providers in the cable, satellite and OTT industries. What is…

RDK Tech Summit - Bitmovin

Applying Playlist APIs to Bitmovin’s v3 Mobile Player SDK

Bitmovin’s video player is available for nearly all devices, platforms, and implementations. As the number of use cases and devices grows on a global scale, it’s imperative for a video player to be supported on as many devices as possible and enable development teams to launch services quickly. Bitmovin’s Player empowers developers by providing reference APIs…

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