Gernot Zwantschko

Head of Support, Global

Gernot is one of Bitmovin's most experienced developers, and leads the customer support team as well as assisting in many areas of our product development cycle. His knowledge spans the entire range of Bitmovin products, features and solutions.

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What is Per-Title Encoding? How to Efficiently Compress Video

What is per-title encoding? By encoding video at bitrates appropriate to the content of the video file, content providers can make significant bandwidth savings as well as quality improvements. Introduction Per-Title Encoding is not a new concept. In fact, you can find research online that dates back several years, including this 2012 presentation: Choosing the…

BuyDRM tutorial Bitmovin Multi-DRM

Integrate BuyDRM with Bitmovin

Integrate BuyDRM with the Bitmovin Cloud Encoder This tutorial will show you how to create an encoding with MultiDRM protection using the KeyOS MultiKeyTM Service from BuyDRM as your DRM key provider. Furthermore, you can use our native HTML5 Bitmovin player to play your DRM protected content on every device out there. The following sections…

Multi DRM with Axinom and Bitmovin

Integrate Axinom Multi-DRM with Bitmovin

The following tutorial will show you how to use Axinom DRM together with the Bitmovin Cloud Encoding system to create a video distribution platform, ready to target multiple devices and browsers. By following this tutorial and using the supporting links that you will find below, you can create a video on demand service with the…

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Webhooks for the Video Encoding API

Our new notification service gives you real time status updates on your video encodings with RESThooks. Have you ever been on a family holiday and had your kids nagging you the entire way: “Are we there yet, are we there yet!?”. If you have, then you have some idea what it is like for an application trying to find…

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Dropbox Video Streaming – Encoding Integration

Dropbox Video Streaming Integration and New User Interface The Bitmovin team has worked hard to improve the user interface of our portal and now the latest version is ready to use. Among the many other improvements, the mobile view has been optimized to enable our customers to monitor the status of their encodings from any place with any…

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