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Gernot Zwantschko

Gernot is one of Bitmovin's most experienced developers, and leads the customer support team as well as assisting in many areas of our product development cycle. His knowledge spans the entire range of Bitmovin products, features and solutions.

To Play, or Not to Play – AutoPlay Policies for Safari 14 and Chrome 64

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Updates to the autoplay policies in Safari and Chrome could have significant implications for both […]

To Play, or Not to Play #2 – Firefox blocks audible autoplay by default!

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Restrictive autoplay policies in browsers were definitely one of the most disruptive changes that took […]

Encoding Software: What Is Per-Title Encoding?

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By encoding video at bitrates appropriate to the content of the video file, content providers […]

RFC compliant HLS content and how to create it

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This guide will show you how to generate RFC compliant HLS to ensure you are […]

Halve your Encoding, Packaging and Storage Costs – HLS with fragmented MP4

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By using a single package format you can reduce your encoding, packaging and storage costs […]

Integrate BuyDRM with Bitmovin

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Integrate BuyDRM with the Bitmovin Cloud Encoder This tutorial will show you how to create […]

Last Months Video Encoding API Release Notes

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 “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, […]

Webhooks for the Video Encoding API

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Our new notification service gives you real time status updates on your video encodings with RESThooks. Have […]

Dropbox Video Streaming – Encoding Integration

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Dropbox Video Streaming Integration and New User Interface The Bitmovin team has worked hard to improve […]