Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko

Daniel is an Infrastructure Architect at the video infrastructure software company, Bitmovin. Daniel is responsible for the design and operations of the encoding infrastructure, enabling complex video workflows for companies like Red Bull Media House, New York Times, Sling TV and others. Daniel has been driving Bitmovin’s migration to containerized architecture on Docker and Kubernetes.

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Don’t Stream Blind! Why Video Analytics & Collectors are a Must Have

In a world where there are nearly 100x more streaming services than consumer TV brands, it’s more important than ever that streaming services maintain their edge over the competition. The production of Hollywood-grade content is meaningless if your play-out infrastructure can’t sustain traffic spikes, multiple device types, or bandwidth inconsistencies. Thus, it’s imperative to properly…

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Bitmovin’s Developer Focused Analytics

Achieving high quality, reliable and buffer free online video streaming is a difficult task. A developer focused analytics solution can make the job much easier. At first glance video streaming looks easy – Netflix, Amazon and Youtube are doing it successfully so it can’t be that hard, right? You just use industry leading streaming standards…

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