Armin Trattnig

Tech Lead Live Encoding

Armin Trattnig has a long history of working on the Encoding products of BItmovin. Armin is part of the Bitmovin team since 2012 and graduated from the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, specializing in Distributed Multimedia Systems. He currently has the technical ownership of the Live Encoding product.

Container File - Bitmovin

The Definitive Guide to Container File Formats [2022]

This is a complete guide to Container File formats in 2022, created by some of the world’s leading video engineers and experts here at Bitmovin. We’ve created this guide to give you everything you need to know about container files, from basic terminology to advanced deep-dives into different container file types. You can go ahead…

Container File - Bitmovin

Fun with Container Formats – Part 3: MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG TS) & Matroska

Thanks for following us as we continue to dive into Fun with Container Formats. This week we’ll be jumping into MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG – TS) and Matroska. Don’t forget to read our deep dive into terminology and handling and the breakdown of MP4 and CMAF.  MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) MPEG Transport Stream was standardized…

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