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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 2: Implementing the Encoding Workflow

Implementing Cloud-Based Per-Title Encoding in the Real World Bitmovin’s gives developers access to industry-leading codecs and advanced encoding algorithms such as Per-Title. As you saw in the first part of this series, Per-Title Encoding allows you to save money on storage and streaming costs while giving viewers the best perceivable quality for their streaming session. In…

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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 1: Establishing the Architecture

If you work with video on the internet, you know how resource-intensive encoding can be. While moving from in-house to cloud-hosted servers can save you a lot of money, that doesn’t change the fact that processing large videos with modern codecs takes significant computing power.  “Video transcoding is one of the most computationally challenging things…

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