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Split-and-Stitch Encoding with incredible speed, quality and scale

Introduction In the early days of digital video, encoding a full-length movie could take several hours or even days to complete, depending on the settings and techniques that were used. Over time, as processor speeds increased and specialized hardware was introduced, encoding turnaround times decreased, but it was usually an incremental, linear response to the…

smart chunking
Product Updates

Bitmovin’s Smart Chunking: the evolution of the split and stitch algorithm

Speed, quality and scale are always top of mind when it comes to providing the highest quality  of viewing experiences. In this blog, we are joined by Markus Hafellner (Senior Product Manager, VOD Encoding), who takes us through a key update to the Bitmovin Next-Generation VOD Encoder and advancements made to the split and stitch algorithm allowing users to enjoy content at the highest possible quality.

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