MPEG Meeting Report

MPEG meeting 119
MPEG Meeting

119th MPEG Meeting: Evidence of New Developments in Video Compression Coding

The MPEG-VCEG Joint Video Exploration Team has concluded that the latest round of testing and evaluation shows that evidence exists of a potential to build a new standard that could significantly outperform HEVC. At the 119th MPEG meeting, responses to the previously issued call for evidence have been evaluated and they have all successfully demonstrated evidence….

MPEG meeting 118 in Hobart
MPEG Meeting

MPEG News from its 118th Meeting: MPEG starts working on MPEG-I targeting future immersive applications

The 118th MPEG meeting concluded on April 7, 2017 in Hobart, Australia and featured topics such as MPEG-I, CMAF, and (beyond) HEVC. If you’re not familiar yet with these acronyms (or parts thereof), keep on reading … The entire MPEG press release can be found here comprising the following topics: Coded Representation of Immersive Media (MPEG-I): new work item approved…

MPEG meeting Switzerland
MPEG Meeting

MPEG News from its 117th Meeting: OMAF & Global Media Technology Standards for an Immersive Age

The 117th MPEG meeting concluded on Jan 20, 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland and featured some hot topics such as; Omnidirectional Media Application Format, Global Media Technology Standards and going beyond HEVC. The entire MPEG press release can be found here, but in this blog post I will focus on the following topics from the meetup: MPEG…

MPEG meeting
MPEG Meeting

MPEG News: a Report from the 115th Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland

In this blog post we discuss items from the 115th MPEG meeting that are specifically relevant for adaptive streaming, including SAND, Server Push and Websocket, CMAF and more… The 115th MPEG meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland and its press release highlights the following aspects: MPEG issues Genomic Information Compression and Storage joint Call for Proposals…

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