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MPEG Meeting

139th MPEG Meeting Takeaways: MPEG issues Call for Evidence for Video Coding for Machines

Preface Bitmovin is a proud member and contributor to several organizations working to shape the future of video, none for longer than the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG), where I along with a few senior developers at Bitmovin are active members. Personally, I have been a member and attendant of MPEG for 15+ years and…

128th MPEG Meeting Concludes in great progress for LCEVC
MPEG Meeting

128th MPEG Meeting Takeaways – Media Formats Moving Forward

Media Formats progress towards Low Complexity and Consumer Interactivity “Shaping the Future of Video” is not just a catchy slogan that we like to throw around, rather it’s Bitmovin’s company vision. Not only do we keep a close eye on the industry trends, but we’re actively taking part in standardization activities to improve the quality…

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