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The Bitmovin Innovators Network showcases “better together” solutions at NAB Show 2024

Brandon Zupancic
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better together - Bitmovin

Streaming video is . . . complicated. 

As the streaming industry continues to evolve toward early mainstream adoption, cloud-based streaming has increasingly shifted from “builder” customers with deep, long-standing video expertise to “buyer” customers. This is particularly true for streaming in non-media industry verticals, but it is equally the case for Media & Entertainment customers as well. “Buyer” customers often lack the technical expertise and internal resources to build and maintain such complex, bespoke workflows. Over the past 18 months, mounting pressure to reduce operating cost, improve subscriber retention, and generate new advertising revenue has also caused a sizable number of “builder” customers to transition from in-house development to managed services. 

In short, this means that multi-vendor solutions and technical integrations have become increasingly valuable and important for streaming customers large and small in every industry.

“Better Together” with the Bitmovin Innovators Network

The Bitmovin Innovators Network is more than just another partner program. Launched in 2022, the Bitmovin Innovators Network is a community of industry-leading technology vendors, resellers, consultants, device manufacturers, cloud providers, and academic researchers that collaborate to provide pre-integrated solutions to simplify streaming video. 

I often say, “Customers buy simplicity rather than features.” Sure, feature functionality is important, but industry maturity and in some cases commoditization have made product development, product marketing, product selling, and product support much less of a differentiator than just five years ago. Today, customers place a premium on solutions that solve challenges for a wide range of use cases. Solutions development, solutions marketing, solutions selling, and solutions support are table stakes. “Better together” rules the day.

“Better Together” at NAB

We are pleased to announce a multitude of “Better Together” solutions with our partners at NAB, each designed to simplify customers’ video workload needs. These are some of the joint solutions that Bitmovin and our partners are showcasing at this year’s NAB Show:

Joint Customer Success Stories 

Bitmovin once again hosts its exclusive semi-annual Bitmovin Innovators Network Partner Executive Networking Event on Saturday, April 13 from 3:30 – 6:00 pm. We are excited to share several customer success stories, including Quickplay presenting a “better together” customer success story regarding a large Regional Sports Network (RSN); and a fireside chat with OneFootball and Akamai. We conclude the afternoon with the first annual Bitmovin Innovators Network partner awards and the most impactful executive networking event at this year’s NAB Show!

“Better Together” on the Bitmovin Stand

We are thrilled to share that two partners will have dedicated demo stations on the Bitmovin stand (W3013):

Edgio showcases its collaboration with Bitmovin, featuring Bitmovin Playback and Edgio Uplynk‘s Live Multi-CDN Switching in an all-encompassing solution for customers to ensure seamless video delivery.

Google Ad Manager will highlight how they are building a more flexible and interoperable Ad Manager to help publishers create sustainable advertising businesses by giving publishers actionable insights, powerful optimizations, and flexible integrations all within an end to end video-first ad serving experience.

“Better Together” at Partner Stands and Meeting Suites 

Several Bitmovin partners are demonstrating “Better Together” solutions to help customers with cost optimization, subscriber retention and growth, and ad revenue generation.

PartnerBooth Number“Better Together” Solution
AccedoW2166Accedo One Sustainable Marketplace – a SaaS OTT solution featuring Bitmovin Player as a part of Accedo’s commitment to a climate-friendly ecosystem.
AkamaiW234LMRLearn about Akamai Connected Cloud, a massively distributed edge computing cloud platform and how Bitmovin Live Encoding SaaS on Akamai Connected Cloud helps Media & Entertainment customers reduce live streaming expense by up to 90% by reducing data transfer costs.
Alpha NetworksW3201Integration between Tucano, the modular video software to distribute and monetize your audio and video content and Bitmovin Live Encoding on Akamai Connected Cloud.
AWSW1701Bitmovin VOD Encoding on AWS provides pre-warmed compute instances, “smart chunking” for fast transcoding, content-aware encoding, and Bitmovin Player for low latency playback and personalization features. Bitmovin Analytics delivers actionable insights for video playback quality, ad reporting, and audience engagement.
BroadpeakW2529Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) with Bitmovin Player and Multicast ABR with Bitmovin Live Encoding enables new advertising revenue streams while enhancing quality of experience and reducing costs.
EZDRMW2320Illustrates robust Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS) offering optimum video security in Bitmovin Player across all devices.
Harmonic IncW2831VOS360 Ad solution with Bitmovin Player and Bitmovin Analytics enables dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for incremental advertising revenue.
Nomad MediaW1359Nomad CMS with Bitmovin Player and Bitmovin Analytics for streaming live events to web browsers and mobile devices.
Osprey VideoW1434Integration in the Osprey UI allows users to choose Bitmovin as a destination for live encoding.
Phenix Real Time SolutionsSchedule a meeting to learn moreReal-time video stream playback with Bitmovin’s Player Web X, leveraging Phenix’s infrastructure for ultra-low latency delivery.
SynamediaW2801CMCD benefits for CDN control and content steering using Bitmovin Player to reduce latency and improve QoE.
YospaceW2243Features world-leading SSAI with Bitmovin Live Encoding for broadcasters to maximize advertising revenues during live events.
ZixiW1401Native integration of Zixi with Bitmovin Live Encoding for secure, reliable, and cost-effective ultra-low latency streaming of live sports, news, and events.

“Better Together” Social Activities with Partners 

Akamai and Bitmovin co-host an exclusive launch event at the Sphere, Las Vegas newest and most iconic entertainment destination, on Sunday, April 14, 2024 at 6:00 pm. Registration for this event is already closed.

Edgio and Bitmovin are co-hosting a networking reception and happy hour on the Bitmovin stand (W3013) on Tuesday, April 16, 2024 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Visit Edgio or Bitmovin for an invitation!

This year’s NAB Show promises to deliver a wealth of knowledge and innovation. Schedule a meeting with us to learn more about these and other solutions to help you reduce operating costs, retain and grow subscribership, and generate new ad revenue. 

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon Zupancic

Brandon Zupancic is the Head of Alliances at Bitmovin and is passionate about making it easy for customers to introduce and expand the use of streaming video with Bitmovin and our partners.

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better together - Bitmovin
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