Magnus Svensson

Media Solution Specialist at Eyevinn Technology

Magnus Svensson is a Media Solution Specialist with long experience in the TV and Media area, as a leader and technical advisor in OTT and streaming media delivery. Magnus acts as strategical advisor helping customers to navigate in the media industry, including streaming solution architecture, technical product management, business development and senior management advisory.

fast channel - Bitmovin

How to Create a FAST Channel in Minutes with Eyevinn Technology

With the rise of open-source technologies and cloud platforms, launching your own FAST channel is more accessible than ever. The Open Source Cloud, with its array of tools and services, offers a comprehensive environment to deploy a FAST Channel Engine. This guest post from Eyevinn Technology guides you through the process of setting up a FAST channel using the FAST Channel Engine within the Open Source Cloud with content preparation using Bitmovin Streams.

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