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How To Trust Your Player #1 – Tips from the Top: Secure Content Delivery and Playback

By Joshua Shulman, Alan Ogilvie, Ali Hodjat This article and video series, presented by Bitmovin, Friend MTS, and Intertrust, covers how to secure the delivery of your OTT Service content from origination all the way through to the end user via browser-based players. Following the best practices we outline, will ensure that you are protecting your content and revenue…

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State of Streaming Wars 2020: The New Subscribers (SVOD Streamers)

Streaming Wars: Someone’s bound to win…right? The search term “Streaming Wars” took off in late 2015 with the near-simultaneous announcements that Hulu (currently owned by The Walt Disney Company) was under consideration for purchase by Time Warner (now owned by WarnerMedia and operating the name WarnerMedia) – who was also investing heavily in the development…

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BitExperiments – Q2Y2020 Hackathon Summary

Can’t stop us noooow – we’re havin’ a remote hackathon Throw what you will at us 2020! That won’t stop the innovation and creativity of the Bitmovin team – in fact, we’re more motivated than ever to create and innovate. Being on lockdown only allowed our team’s creativity to grow – and it’s opened up…

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Video Streaming Industry Snapshot – Do’s and Don’ts of optimizing operations

How to gain maximum operational flexibility As most people already know, a strategy based on “on the fly” or “just-in-time” releases is one of the first stepping stones to a failing business model. Successful organizations aim to create repeatable, measurable, and (somewhat) flexible strategies. As video technology engineers will tell you – this is even…

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BitExperiments – Q1Y2020 Hackathon Summary

Decode, Decompress, and HACK! In-line with nearly every technology-oriented organization on the market, Bitmovin allows our creative minds to flow by breaking away from our standard day-to-day tasks with a quarterly Hackathon. Q1 of the new year was no different! February 2020 was an exciting experience that brightened our moods in the wake of harsh…

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BitExperiments – Q4Y2019 Hackathon Summary

Decode, Decompress, and HACK! Here at Bitmovin, we’re blessed to be surrounded by bright and creative minds. We understand that the stresses of daily work tasks can be overwhelming at times, especially in a dynamic start-up, where your responsibilities can change in a moment. To help alleviate these stresses, we host a quarterly Hackathon and…

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Demuxed 2019 Redux: Objectionable Uses of Objective Video Quality Metrics

Welcome back to Bitmovin’s Encoding Excellence series! Our first post covered why video quality metrics matter. The second post provided an “objective” introduction to the top three objective video quality metrics (see what we did there?). The third post in our Encoding Excellence series is an exploration of quality measurement methods (and their limitations) through…

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